Noaptea Institutelor Culturale 2010

Noaptea Institutelor Culturale, unul din cele mai populare evenimente culturale bucureştene, a ajuns pe 25 iunie 2010 la cea de-a patra ediţie. Din seara zilei de 25 până în dimineaţa zilei de 26 iunie, s-au desfăşurat în jur de 70 de evenimente în 11 locuri din

Consiliul de conducere

Consiliul de Conducere al Institutului Cultural Român este compus din:1. Liviu Sebastian Jicman (Președinte al Institutului Cultural Român)2. Mirel Taloș (Vicepreședinte al Institutului Cultural Român)3. Weinberger Attila Iuliu (Vicepreședinte al Institutului Cultural


THE YOUNG, THE NEW, THE DARING Autori: Ariadna Grădinaru, Dragoş Tudor An: 2007 Cartea conţine detalii şi imagini de la debuturile în filmul de lung-metraj după 1989. Sunt prezenţi regizorii Nae Caranfil, Sinişa Dragin, Tudor Giurgiu, Napoleon Helmis, Cătălin

NR. 63 - toamna 2007

SUMAR NR. 63 Dincolo de eveniment Dunja Melčić – Un recviem sârb Perry Anderson – Rusia azi Luca Niculescu – Viraj periculos Dialog Ahmed Rashid – Georg Brunold – Miezul întunecat al Pakistanului Patrick Cockburn – Un război mic ce dăunează garantat

NR. 65 - primăvara 2008

SUMAR NR. 65 Pagini autobiografice Ryszard Kapuściński – Războiul fotbalului Ion Vianu – Ecerciţiu de sinceritate Dincolo de eveniment Perry Anderson – Înfăţişarea Europei Mircea Vasilescu – Când ideologia o ia înaintea adevărului Guillaume Dasquié

Why We Like Bucharest – Part III

There are some invisible frontiers between different spaces in this capital, which you cannot see, but sometimes there comes somebody to shout at you and to point at them with his finger. At regular intervals, whole streets of the city are paralyzed by shooting sessions

Night Lights Light Nights Of Bucharest

Sometimes glowing colorfully in the dusk air, as doors of museums open up for late visitors, or, some other times, its dark sky flushed by lasers for white nights of entertainment, Bucharest often begins to live and breathe anew after sundown.  White NightsNow that the

Eastern Station

In those days they used to go to the Eastern Station, visiting some acquaintances: friends, as they might, after all, also have called them. Except that on this point, at least, Olga was right: they were not their friends; indeed, there was no way or time when they could

All Roads Lead To Bucharest

from left: buildings on Calea Victoriei and at Rosetti Sq. , University of Bucharest, building in Unirii Sq. According to the data from the latest statistical yearbook published in 2002, the average income per capita outside Bucharest is 82% of the average income of a person

“Kaviar House”

The theme of the provincial man leaving his small town, a closed universe deprived of any kind of perspective and diving into the unknown, attracted by the Big City where he thinks he'll hit it big and get rich overnight, was and continues to be a successful recipe

Current Houses

Several TV channels have been offering lately, especially on the lazier weekend days, shows about houses. They're filmed at more than sluggish speeds, with repeated shots and, usually, presented by voices that just can't contain their admiration for the ideas of

Little Pariah

June 1, 2008 was election day for the local administration in Romania. The candidates for Bucharest City Hall and the six, relatively independent, “sector” mayoralties fought desperate wars to win. Many people have a lousy opinion about Bucharest, formerly known as