The Truth About Romania's Children

(not for children's use) For many years after the fall of communism, the association between Romania and children meant a hellhole: European champions of neonatal and infant mortality (16. 7 % in 2003, down from 26. 9 % in 1990), juvenile AIDS (almost 9000 cases of

EURESIS / 2014

ArgumentWOLFGANG ISER – Culture: a recursive process CHRISTIAN MORARU – Cultural Studies Goes Global CĂLIN-ANDREI MIHĂILESCU – Unpacking knowledge JAN GORAK – Johnson on Shakespeare: The Use and Value of Spectatorship ANCA BĂICOIANU – Here, There, and Everywhere:

EURESIS nr. 1-4 / 2011

Ediție în limbile engleză și franceză Le concept de presence / The Concept of Presence Cuprins Argument MICHEL DEGUY – À eclipses J. HILLIS MILLER – The presence to Oneself in Decision-Making MIRCEA MARTIN – Poésie et Présence: pour un réenchantement du