The Images Of The Nations. Ethnic And Ethic Characteristics

* The boom of geographic discoveries and trading expeditions that began on the eve of the Renaissance and continued throughout that era developed a new taste for describing remote, if not downright imaginary, countries and peoples. Before being discovered, the savage was

The Contribution Of Judaism

excerpts Beyond any currents, interpretations and influences, Judaism brought at least three fundamental principles to the basis of European culture: the secularization of the eternal, the ennoblement of matter through spirit, and the consideration of the human being as

Intellectuals And Their Radical Political Involvement: Reflections And Subsequent Perceptions

In the last decades, particularly after the collapse of the communist regimes, ardent debates have taken place regarding the political commitment of certain great intellectuals and writers, generating even theoretical and philosophical reflections, concerning the relationship

Festivalul Klezmer & More / 16-19 iunie 2011 / Green Hours, București

Mult timp klezmer, această muzică specifică evreilor din Europa Centrală şi de Sud-Est, a fost dată uitării, însă în ultimele decenii muzicieni tineri și talentați din întreaga lume se dedică revitalizării ei. Inspirați de succesul festivalului Jazz Meets