The Brâncuşian Synthesis

You have turned the antic into the modern, Rousseau le Douannier once told Brâncuşi. Those words complete very accurately the characterization suggested by Dan Hāulicā: He produced the century's purest classicism out of the exotic. [1] The Romanian sculptor

Boris Kneazev

I owe much of my setting up as an artist to Boris Kneazev as well. There’s another aspect to consider. One can work enormously in ballet and never get proper parts. Or, there’s even a more dramatic situation, when one gets these parts and realizes that one doesn’t

Anton Romanowsky

Romanowsky was active in our country after the First World War, with several interruptions. These interruptions were caused by a series of frictions with some of the managers at the Romanian Opera House. Then, between the two world wars, the social context (the economical

Constantin Pappia And His Library

The history of a country's libraries is made not only of facts and events related to large (or smaller) institutions, but also of phenomena that illustrate the taste for books and bibliophily of particular individuals, especially when such libraries come to be included

The Pleasures Of Life

excerpt It happened, not too often, but especially after a theater evening followed by dull group discussions at a terrace forgotten open. Camil, the second day after the torture, ran wild. He met Sandu, the sports teacher, the scare of the second division at rugby, the

A Phobia To Noise

 Mr. Popescu, a brave citizen of Bucharest, abode on a street in the slums, where a coach driving past every other day would make a sensation. Cots would vanish into the vast grounds, enabling each of their landlords to bellow to their heart's content, commit murder

L’œuvre Littéraire, La Construction Intérieure Et La Reconstruction

Faute d'une explication préalable, le sous-titre[1] pourrait apparaître une contradiction in adjectu sinon comme une présupposition irrationnelle. Ainsi, devrions-nous élucider tout d'abord les termes conceptuels à tour de rôle et avec une patience que nous

The Rattlebike

When I go rattleriding my rattlebike up street,You're toppling in my wake on every sideAnd goggle at my progress from the sleetBefore you stand up rattlestupefied.  The rattleengine of my rattlebikeRaprattles and backfires in frightful fits. Girls call me names –

Think About The Elephant

My dear child, when you're sickOr feel afraid or sad,Think about the elephant.  One day, a baby elephant,In the jungle went astray,Where it's hot and humid –He was alone and lost his way.  He was scared and thirstyAnd looking to cool down,To take a bath at

The North Pole And The South Pole

Tell me if you can contrastThe North Pole and the South Pole. But no joke and tell it fast! In the North – and keep in mind –Polar bears and foxes one can find,Penguins and their females,And I'll tell you they're no tales. The North is a sea that's ovalWhile

Pelicans...Pelicans... Truth And Myth

excerpts The Austrian Eduard Hodek made a series of trips on the lower Danube between 1869 and 1886, which resulted in his thorough studies of the Danube pelicans and brought important contributions to the information on their life and habits. At the time, birds nested

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