From The Country Of Jackasses

III. The Culture of Jackasses When an ass leaves his village to go live in the city a wonderful change occurs in him: his asininity leaves the body and sets straight into the soul. In donkey parlance this means the respective jackass becomes cultivated. Thus, an educated

Notes Of A Hypochondriac

The other Monday walking on Victoriei Road I met a friend. It is a well-known fact that today any guy you treat to a glass of wine at Fialkowsky's or who is in the delightful habit of bumming two or three lei from you is called a friend. Last year, this guy borrowed

An Innocent Abroad

When Mark Twain published the elaborate account of his Old World tour, The Innocents Abroad, America was still young, as a nation, and not yet proud of its culture. To avoid any tasteless outcry of admiration, driven by the contact with the vestiges of lost civilizations

The Sadness In The Eyes Of The Immigrant

The Romanians from Down Under To my Victoria from the South Pacific IslandsKo te mana o tenei matenga whetu aianeE poturi i ro o te rangi e piki mai* In Aotearoa (New Zealand), I met happy Romanians. Their happiness was either blended with sadness, or boosted up by it.


It will take us a lot of tenacity to modify wrong geographic notions, fanciful historical data, to prove to the Westerner that what we suffer from is too much instruction, that the Romanian intellectual is blasé and smiles condescendingly at the unintuitive foreign lecturer's

Romanian Profile

*excerpts THE SOPHISTICATED PEASANTS The Romanians are a social phenomenon. As a nation among nations, they are westerners evolved in the East. They are Latins surrounded by Slavs. They are Romans two thousand years away from Rome. They are contemporaries re-produced on

The Psychology Of The Individual

excerpt It is said about Maiorescu that he did not really think Romanian scientific and philosophic creation possible, reckoning that the nervous cell is not strong enough. We do not know whether this statement is true or merely fabrication. The fact remains that it is

The Psychology Of The Romanian People

Chapter XII. The Current [1907] Psychological Traits of the Romanian PeopleAll foreigners that visited the Romanian countries were unpleasantly struck by the negative traits of our character. They don't care, says Mr. X. Marmier, for the name of their master. What they


historian In truth, Romanian society has a strong left-wing bent. A complete turnaround compared with the situation extant before communism. At that time, Romania inclined to the right, because it was a country of landowners, big and small (in particular peasants). Communism

Imitation And Identity

I will begin by quoting myself. Talking about the polemics between two people whose intelligence and moral stature I admire (the polemics took place, in its major parts, in the very pages of the 22 magazine), I used to say with a certain regret and doubtfulness: On whose

Romanian Diagnosis

excerpts There are quite a few psychological complexes which seem to shape nowadays the popular, maybe even intellectual mentalities and to badly distort people's behavior, as well as their political judgments. It won't hurt pointing our finger at them, speaking

The Nature And Texture Of Peoples

 I must admit I didn't quite understand in the beginning why, shortly after 1989, the Western mass-media has so hastily labeled us as suffering from a deep identity crisis. I was downright indignant: after having sadistically experimented Communism on us for half