A History Of The Albanian Community In Romania And Its Organization ALAR

President of ALAR Documents speak of an Albanian presence on Romanian land no earlier than 1595, when a report sent to the imperial Councillor Pezzen, by his agent Giovanni de Marini Poli on 14/24 March, highlights the arrival in Cervenavoda of 15,000 Albanians and their

Rapt De La Bukovine

D'APRES DES DOCUMENTS AUTHENTIQUES.  L'occupation de la Bukovine ne répond pas aux protestations d'amitié données par l'Autriche à la Porte. La partie de la Moldavie occupée surpasse en fertilité et en valeur tout le reste du pays. Les habitants

L'Art Roumain De 1800 A Nos Jours

Editeur: John KroonA. B. Malmö LjustrycksanstaltMalmö (Suede)1935 L'ART DU XIXe SIECLE I. CONDITIONS HISTORIQUES, RENOVATION MORALEEntre le XIXe siècle et la fin du siècle précédent, dans le domaine de l'art comme dans tant d'autres, il y a en Roumanie

The First Book, The Last Book

excerpts Dear Mother, I'd like to tell you something, and just because if I tried to talk to you about it, you wouldn't let me, I'm putting it in writing. You said to me, I quote: You go to school, do a good job there, finish well and we'll let you do

Pacala And The Boyar

Once upon a time, Pacala was sitting near a forest and was thinking what to do next. As he looked on the road, he saw a carriage coming towards him. Quickly, he got up, picked up a wood block and raised it in the air. In the carriage there was a lady and the coachman who

The Story Of Pacala

Pacala has been a movie hero since as early as 1915. The most recent film, on a much lighter note than the story above, is Pacala's Return, or Pacala 2 (2006), directed by Geo Saizescu (who also directed Pacala, 1974 - click here to see preview), and subject to harsh

The Truth About Romania's Children

(not for children's use) For many years after the fall of communism, the association between Romania and children meant a hellhole: European champions of neonatal and infant mortality (16. 7 % in 2003, down from 26. 9 % in 1990), juvenile AIDS (almost 9000 cases of

Măsuri pentru consolidarea cunoașterii și prestigiului culturii române întreprinse de ICR de la 1 octombrie 2012

Măsuri pentru consolidarea cunoașterii și prestigiului culturii române întreprinse de Institutul Cultural Român începând cu 1 octombrie 2012 Activitățile Fundației Culturale Române, devenită mai târziu Institutul Cultural Român, sunt cunoscute, inclusiv pe