Unraveling The Delta's Treasure

excerpts Whether you travel through the Delta on water, or view it from the air (from a helicopter or a plane), the reed is the dominant element of the landscape. It occupies a foremost position in the Delta's treasure, and constitutes an immense source of richness.

The Danube Delta From 800 To 1900

The Delta has undergone tremendous changes over the centuries. The oldest written sources, from the Greek-Roman times, concur only partly; yet in majority they offer hints of modifications. Numerous ancient references have been used to identify and track down geo-morphologic

Delta And Anti-Delta

The Danube flows in accordance with all theories and definitions. After crossing Europe, it flows into the Black Sea, forming a delta which conforms entirely to the general definition of a delta. Over the centuries, the Danube had many other names: Danubius, Istrus, Histru,

Andrei Marga, președinte 2012-2013

Andrei Marga: autor al volumelor Crizele modernităţii târzii (Editura Academiei Române, 2012); The Destiny of Europe (Editura Academiei Române, 2011); Absolutul astăzi. Teologia şi filosofia lui Joseph Ratzinger (Eikon, 2011); Challenges, Values and Vision. The University