Rich And Poor, 1945

excerpts I For a century, the psychology of the Romanian people has found itself in continual transformation. This has corresponded (since 1829, that is, since the treaty of Adrianopolis whereby the Romanian Principalities joined the Western capitalist complex) to a gradual,

The Nationalist Doctrine, 1922

excerpts In 1840, and to a much greater extent with the modernization of the country, constitutionally speaking, and after the [1859] unification [of Moldavia and Wallachia], we had a state founded by our educated class, mainly the young boyars, following the advice and

Mathesis Or Simple Joys, 1934

excerpt I On cultures of a geometric kind Nowadays in science it is a well known fact that, from the point of view of the form, the whole universe, as well as its parts, can be contained in an expression of the form f (x, y, z). A contemporary scientist even thought that


Twenty years ago, religious people had to hide their inclinations. Otherwise they would have been mercilessly mocked at, because atheism enjoyed, then, a great popularity. It was the time of endless hopes over positivism, over the omnipotence of the scientific postulates,

Tradition And Modernity In The 1920s (III)

excerpts Chapter III. Reason and rationalism under accusation  2 The truth is that any objective examination of the ideological phenomenon that we are studying cannot avoid the conclusion that things were quite similar in France and Germany. By entering the territory

The Childhood Certificate

I once experienced a terrible fright. I woke up one day to discover a different world from what I knew it to be, more clear-cut, more plainly divided into complementary colors and opposite moral categories. It all looked like in a naive painting: clear and graphic. The only


A sad, broke kangaroo suddenly sprangInto the path of an orangutang. The latter said: Your pocket is the best. What about you? That's quite a hairy vest. They struck a deal 'neath the ylang-ylangAnd launched the model kangorangutang.  from Holiday Games, Cartea

The Polar Bear

You leave a four-pawed trail,Your fur is white as snow,Guess you don't have a tail – Bears don't, far as I know. For bears at the North Pole Sport is a common goal,While South-Pole bears appearQuite unprepared to hear. You are my only bear,Complete with monogram,

Pacala And The Boyar

Once upon a time, Pacala was sitting near a forest and was thinking what to do next. As he looked on the road, he saw a carriage coming towards him. Quickly, he got up, picked up a wood block and raised it in the air. In the carriage there was a lady and the coachman who

Breviary (1967-1988)

excerpt The sweet-watered Danube plunges into the salt-watered sea with a sluggish sort of rage soon to be changed into tranquil candor – the grand finale of a classic novel. Fabulous, resplendent, etc. , the Delta comes across at times as a sheer waste of waters, an

Du Billet Au Traité: Le Français Chez Les Roumains

C'est un fait reconnu depuis longtemps: les plus grands accomplissements culturels des Roumains ont presque toujours transité la culture française dans leur parcours vers le monde. Brancusi, Enescu, Ionesco, Cioran sont les figures de proue de ce que l'on pourrait

Catalog / Salonul Internațional de Carte de la Paris - Salon du Livre 2010

Catalog în limba franceză realizat de Centrul Național al Cărții pentru Salonul Internațional de Carte de la Paris - Salon du Livre 2010.