Album Mircia Dumitrescu

Album Mircia Dumitrescu // sculptură-gravură-desen Ediție în română – engleză – germană – franceză Albumul Mircia Dumitrescu cuprinde cele mai reprezentative lucrări realizate în perioada 2008-2014: sculptură / gravură în lemn / desen (cicluri compoziţionale


„Triumful României şi „noii regi ai festivalurilor – ZIARUL DE DUMINICĂ6 ianuarie 2012 Pe 29 decembrie Furia (foto 4) şi pe 30, Boogie (foto 5), cele două filme ale lui Radu Muntean, programate la Filmoteca din Madrid, încheie Zilele filmului românesc organizate


 INSTITUTUL CULTURAL ROMÂN Sediul principal şi adresa de corespondenţă: Aleea Alexandru nr. 38, sector 1, 011824, Bucuresti, România Sediu secundar: Str. Biserica Amzei nr. 21-23, Bucureşti, România Tel. : (+4) 031 71 00 627, (+4) 031 71 00 606 Fax: (+4) 021 230

The Collections Of The ‘Grigore Antipa’ National Museum Of Natural History

see Gallery The cultural and historical essence, identity and creative source of a nation all reside in its cultural heritage. It therefore has considerable historical, aesthetic, sociological and scientific value, and should be protected by society through laws, institutions

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Athenaeum and CEC Palace on Calea Victoriei We like to refer to the “exterior” whenever we analyze local problems and the present day situation in our country can only prove us right. Starting with the ambition of political Europeanization and ending with the famous

The History Of Nothing: Contemporary Architecture And Public Space In Romania

Richard Rogers Partnership proposal, 1996People's House (Parliament) After 1989: Methods of researching the built environmentResearching Communist architecture is a tricky endeavor in contemporary Romania, where some major actors of that era are still alive, some even

Nemoianu In Beijing

A visit which lasts barely a week, spent most of the time in meeting and conference rooms or on the plane, cannot possibly be conclusive. You are astonished by the gentle, harmonious and calming lines of the roofs in the beautiful Forbidden City of the former emperors. You

Ivan Patzaichin - The Most Well-Known Lipovan Russian In The World

Between 1968-1984 Ivan Patzaichin (b. 1949), won seven Olympic medals (four gold and three silver) and eight world championships in canoeing. A golden Lipovan who has never denied his identity of a Starover (i. e. Old Believer) Russian from the Delta. He is modest, honest,