What I Understand By A Capital

clockwise from top left: Coltei Church, Manuc's Inn, St. Anthony's Old Court Church, Metropolitan Church, Mihai Voda Church, Cretzulescu Church, St. Apostles' Church, St. George's Church. The administrative efforts that very enthusiastic and dedicated

Valores Hispanicos Desde Una Perspectiva Rumana

DEL HUMOR, DE LA RISA Y, SOBRE TODO, DE SU VARIANTE HISPANICA Habrá, por cierto, lectores - y, personalmente, creo que serán muy numerosos - quienes, terminada la lectura y bajo la posible influencia de los pensamientos retozones y las palabras juguetonas tan abundantes

Con Los Rumanos De Barcelona: Sobre La Identidad Etnica Y ¿Mundializacion (Globalizacion)?

Aa lo largo del período de su estancia en España, Vintila Horia el exiliado, se sintió como si estuviese en su antigua casa que había vuelto a encontrar (Vintila Horia fue un europeo nacido en Rumanía y arraigado en España, que edita en París, Roma y Madrid sus novelas

Eternamente Envuelte En Pixeles

Me sucedió en esta vida la cosa más triste posible: de poeta he llegado a ser autor. Creo que fui un poeta verdadero alguna vez, en mi adolescencia, cuando aún no había publicado – y, salvo mi diario íntimo, tampoco había escrito – nada. Es mi estado ideal, perdido

Al Tiempo No Le Quedo Paciencia

¡Las ideas son nuestra vida! Creamos unas ideas o bien un sistema de ideas sobre nosotros mismos y no renunciamos a ellas ni siquiera al darnos cuenta de que por culpa de las mismas se nos deshacen los hogares, perdemos a nuestros amigos y, a veces, en condiciones excepcionales

Playing With The Past

A Word with Two Meanings We invent words, then let ourselves be subjugated by them. There would be no knowledge without words, but it is words again that grow into independent entities, obstacles that come between us and the real world. They move us closer to and at the

The End Of The World. History Without an End

The 1900 Crisis The Break By 1900, no more bets. Pessimism. Denial of progress, return of the cyclic history. Social conflicts. Revolutions. Decline of the West and the yellow peril. Anti-utopia. The Great War. Abstract art. Earthquakes. Halley's comet. The end of the

A History Of The Imaginary. The Truth Of The Myths

CHAPTER I Structures and Methods An Ambiguous Condition What if the history of the imaginary did not exist? Beyond all paradox, the question deserves to be raised. Following a hectic and contorted history, this discipline is hindered by theoretical and ideological difficulties.


excerpt I am going to tell you of things that happened back in 1960 or 1961, when I was still a little girl, no more than 12 years old. I was living with my family in Moşilor Street, in one of those queer houses, with the second floor protruding a little, with two very

Chronicles Of An Optimist

excerpts NOISES OF THE CAPITAL For reasons I cannot exactly explain, the flow of ideas circulated by the independent press has strikingly dwindled to a mere trickle. One can only put it down to the times of fatigued irritation we are living through as we wait for the much

Familiars Of The Old Royal Court

excerpt …sage citoyen du vaste univers. [1] La Fontaine With you I liked to live through, in the memory, my thirty years of voyages, with you, again, should you not feel bored, I shall live through, in the memory, my childhood and early youth. This will entail returning


excerpts From Winter to Summer Two seasons, rather than four, by all means. Late fall, with powerful stags calling. After the horse races in Moldavia and the first fires in the remotest houses of Bukovina, winter comes. The only flowers left are those in the carpet wool