Rapt De La Bukovine

D'APRES DES DOCUMENTS AUTHENTIQUES.  L'occupation de la Bukovine ne répond pas aux protestations d'amitié données par l'Autriche à la Porte. La partie de la Moldavie occupée surpasse en fertilité et en valeur tout le reste du pays. Les habitants

Les Principautés Roumaines

LES FANARIOTES DANS LES PRINCIPAUTES ET LES PREMIERES RELATIONS DES MOLDO-VALAQUES AVEC LES RUSSESAprès la prise de Constantinople par Mahomet II, les Grecs du Fanar, habitants de cette ville, et d'autres Grecs de la Roumélie, émigrèrent dans les différentes contrées

De L’influence Française Sur L’esprit Public En Roumanie

INTRODUCTION L'exemple d'influence, que nous nous proposons d'étudier ici, présente des caractères bien particuliers. Il faut bannir de son esprit, pour le bien comprendre, le souvenir de tout autre fait historique que l'on serait tenté de juger analogue.

Rich And Poor, 1945

excerpts I For a century, the psychology of the Romanian people has found itself in continual transformation. This has corresponded (since 1829, that is, since the treaty of Adrianopolis whereby the Romanian Principalities joined the Western capitalist complex) to a gradual,

The Transfiguration Of Romania, 1936

excerpts Chapter II: The Romanian Adamism  Oh God! What have we been doing for a thousand years?! All our life, ever since a century ago, is nothing but the process through which we realized we actually did nothing… the comparison with what was accomplished in other countries

The Revolt Of Our Non-Latin Heritage, 1921

A friend of mine spoke to me about the Slavic influence on our literature; fierce worshipper at the altar of our Latin origins – clear and in good measure – he did not allow for its smallest alteration or dimming through Slavic maximalism, as we have agreed to generally

Mathesis Or Simple Joys, 1934

excerpt I On cultures of a geometric kind Nowadays in science it is a well known fact that, from the point of view of the form, the whole universe, as well as its parts, can be contained in an expression of the form f (x, y, z). A contemporary scientist even thought that

The Mission Of A Generation, 1928

Creative time, the one that does not make history, is not homogenous and equal. It is not divided according to calendars and clocks. It is rather an alternation of shadow and light in periods of uneven lengths. Now, an impetuous outburst of assertion, of tension and of work.

New Critical Studies, 1920

The programmatic article of THE NEW TREND, 1906excerpts …To start a war against foreign culture because we, in our barbarity, have taken the bad parts from it, is – an exaggerated but suggestive comparison – to do like mulattos in Liberia, were they, disgusted by

Tradition And Modernity In The 1920s (III)

excerpts Chapter III. Reason and rationalism under accusation  2 The truth is that any objective examination of the ideological phenomenon that we are studying cannot avoid the conclusion that things were quite similar in France and Germany. By entering the territory

The Generation Of '27, Between The Holocaust And The Gulag

excerpt After the year when its first program was launched, namely Mircea Eliade's Spiritual Itinerary, the generation of '27 (or the young generation, the generation of the '30s, the generation that lived life for life's sake, the experiential and Orthodox

Proto-History Or The Middle Ages

The European nations are divided into two main groups: those which had a glorious Middle Ages period out of whose crises the Renaissance came out, and those which had a minimal, insignificant, derived one. The former created most of the civil, spiritual and cultural history