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„Triumful României şi „noii regi ai festivalurilor – ZIARUL DE DUMINICĂ6 ianuarie 2012 Pe 29 decembrie Furia (foto 4) şi pe 30, Boogie (foto 5), cele două filme ale lui Radu Muntean, programate la Filmoteca din Madrid, încheie Zilele filmului românesc organizate


Turneu internaţional de promovare a Festivalului Enescu, organizat de ICR - AGERPRES 31 ianuarie 2011 Institutul Cultural Român va organiza un amplu turneu internaţional dedicat promovării Festivalului Internaţional George Enescu şi creaţiei compozitorului român,

Matthias Buth - Rumänien hinter den Lidern / România dincolo de pleoape (poeme), 2009, 80 p.

Traducere în limba română de Anni-Lorei Mainka, Norina Procopan şi George Guţu. Născut în 1951 la Wuppertal, scriitorul Matthias Buth a publicat până în prezent mai multe volume de poezie, printre care Die Stille nach dem Axthieb / Liniştea de după lovitura


I set out on my exile into myself,you are my countrywhich I can no longer approach,you are the country where I was bornand learnt to speak,I know only you in the world. I swam in your eyes so oftenreturning to shore with my body all blue,I navigated you so many timeswatching

The Nature And Texture Of Peoples

 I must admit I didn't quite understand in the beginning why, shortly after 1989, the Western mass-media has so hastily labeled us as suffering from a deep identity crisis. I was downright indignant: after having sadistically experimented Communism on us for half

The Childhood Certificate

I once experienced a terrible fright. I woke up one day to discover a different world from what I knew it to be, more clear-cut, more plainly divided into complementary colors and opposite moral categories. It all looked like in a naive painting: clear and graphic. The only

Star On My Street

Before I proceed any further, I shouldParenthetic'ly pause in my taleFor writing a chapter (also called interlude)Whose hero – though part of the plot –I am glad to inform is notA stray cat (either male or female).  There's no epithet apt to explainThe cat