The Architect

Emil Popescu was an architect. His specialty was the oil factories and we can say, without any exaggeration, that wherever in the country an oil factory had been built in the last five or six years, one could easily tell it was the work of architect Popescu's skilled

Traviata On The Grass

excerpt When I first met her, she said she adored Pablo Neruda's poetry and La Fontaine's erotic fables, which are un petit secret délicieux and, once a month, she would listen to a fragment of Le Petit Prince, interpreted by Gérard Philippe. She also told me

Life Stories Of The Italians From Dobrogea

Who can even imagine nowadays that more than a century ago, Romania, going through a period of economic expansion, was a sort of terra promessa on which the seasonal workers relied in order to make money and on which the immigrants from western countries relied in order

Les Bonnets De La Comtesse

PERSONNAGES ____ La Comtesse Alice d'Irmont, jeune veuve. Armand de Brème, son cousin, officier de marine. Le Prince Béreznine. Le Baron de Graenzfeld. Juliette, femme de chambre, sœur de lait de la Comtesse. Un laquais. ____ La scène se passe à Paris. – Un

Traitement Du Diabète

Le rôle physiologique du pancréas, en tant que glande digestive, a été mis en évidence par Ch. BERNARD. En 1877, LANCERREAUX – en découvrant le diabète pancréatique – a montré que le pancréas est aussi une glande assimilatrice. En suivant les traces de notre

Blue Evenings

excerpt VICA'S DIARY Vica had forgotten her diary under her pillow. Usually, she kept it in the drawer of her nightstand and in the evening, before turning off the light, she would write down her impressions of that day. Mica found it by chance. She was there tidying

Musics And Tricks

excerpt AAAGH, WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I jumped up and forgot it was Sunday. I was just about to get dressed and go to school, to find out if Hari had come to any harm; I was like one of those old biddies who dream I don't know what, a black pond or something, and then think

Fram The Polar Bear

excerpt XVI. THE END The blizzard howled, tumbling boulders of petty snow, gasping when hitting icy walls and cliffs or moaning and screaming along the white nowhere. You couldn't tell the sky from the earth or the ice from the water. Nature was unleashed and that

Pelicans...Pelicans... Truth And Myth

excerpts The Austrian Eduard Hodek made a series of trips on the lower Danube between 1869 and 1886, which resulted in his thorough studies of the Danube pelicans and brought important contributions to the information on their life and habits. At the time, birds nested

La mémoire des murs. L’esprit français dans l’architecture roumaine, 2007, 196 p.

Director artistic: Iulian Capsali Fotografii: Daniel Constantinescu Texte : Ioana Popescu, Irina Popescu-Criveanu, Toader Popescu, Mihaela Criticos, Anamaria Zahariade Albumul urmărește impactul modelului francez asupra arhitecturii României moderne: Poate că Micul

Salonul European de Bandă Desenată

Pentru a marca marea diversitate a benzii desenate europene, centrele culturale din Bucureşti s-au reunit în cadrul unei mari manifestări dedicate celei de-a noua arte. Din 28 octombrie până pe 21 noiembrie, la Galeria ¾ – MNAC (în clădirea Teatrului Naţional),

Mănăstirile Olteniei. Artă și spiritualitate

„Mănăstirile Olteniei. Artă și spiritualitate“Texte de Elisabeta Negrău și Vlad BedrosEdiție coordonată și postfață de Părintele Iustin MarchișFotografii de Dan Dinescu și Daniel ConstantinescuEdiție în limba română, 360 pag, 31x25 cmISBN: 978-973-577-645-9Cuprins1.