You are Here

9 Sep 2021

LISABONA. Bijuterii realizate de șase artiști români, prezentate în cadrul expoziției „You are Here”

Vernisajul expoziției „You are Here”, din cadrul primei Bienale Internaționale de Bijuterie Contemporană de la Lisabona „Suor Frio”, va avea loc marți, 14 septembrie, ora 19. 00, la galeria ICR Lisabona(Rua do Barão no. 10). Expoziția va fi deschisă până marți,

12 Jun 2015 - 20 Jun 2015

Spazi Aperti 2015: operele a peste 50 de artişti expuse la Accademia di Romania din Roma

Accademia di Romania in Roma anunţă inaugurarea celei de-a Xlll-a ediţii a evenimentului Spazi Aperti vineri, 12 iunie 2015, ora 19:00. Evenimentul se va desfășura în perioada 12-20 iunie 2015 la Accademia di Romania in Roma. Având tema You are here. Centre and periphery

The Bridge

All kinds of things happen. I remember this biker. I was sitting in front of the chalet, watching him. I was waiting to see him getting bored. He was mounting the steep slope for the forth time around and, as soon as he reached the top, he would turn his bike into a smooth,

The Procrustean Bed

excerpts  I passed dizzily from one room to another… nowadays, cubist furniture is commonly used and has long ceased to make a big impression, but four years ago there were extremely few lodgings that were furnished like that. Maybe a couple of banks had dared to introduce