Răzvan Mazilu And A New Vision Of Camille

The triplet Marie Duplessis (the real-life model), Marguerite Gautier (the literary character), and Violeta Valery (the opera character) has always inspired creators in all arts, including dancing. Internationally, we mention, among others, the famous ballet shows by Antony


White dancers were gliding along…Vigorous forms, gracious though tense - White, in a world so immense,White dancers were gliding along… White dancers were gliding along…The dazed men were heavily breathing - White, they were laughing and teasing,White dancers were

Romanian Profile

*excerpts THE SOPHISTICATED PEASANTS The Romanians are a social phenomenon. As a nation among nations, they are westerners evolved in the East. They are Latins surrounded by Slavs. They are Romans two thousand years away from Rome. They are contemporaries re-produced on

Portrait Of Romania

excerpt It's lunch time. Instinctively, I make for Calea Victoriei, where this hour is set for the fashionable to meet between the Royal Palace and [Elisabeta] Boulevard, as on rue Vivienne during the Restoration. The beautiful shops that border the narrow sidewalks


Noticing boulevards, gardens, big buildings in Bucharest, a Frenchman sees here a smaller Paris. Despite this, the impression stems from a fallacious reasoning. The pluvial gray of Paris, the refined baroque, the typical crowding of thousands of flues above the attics have

The Beauty Of Romanian Women

The esthetic appreciation of the external aspect of the Romanian imposed a non-differential consideration of the two sexes. However, the image of man has usually been in the foreground. To balance things, the numerous descriptions of Romanian women must be reminded. The

Description Of Moldavia (Descriptio Moldaviae) (1715)

Chapter XVII. On the Moldavians' Habits (excerpts) While we are trying to describe the Moldavians' habits, about which no-one, or just few foreigners hold a true image, the love we feel for our country on the one hand prompts us to praise the people among which

Speech Read On The Radio And Published In August 1970

A few days back, a shattering piece of news darkened our souls and filled our eyes with tears: the heart of the great Romanian musician Ionel Perlea has stopped. Unable to contain this terrible pain, our memory revisited in one instant the unique days he gave us in that

A Portrait In Smithereens

At night, when sleep is slow to come in a somewhat strange bed, you listen tensely to any sort of noise and try to decode the shades momentarily cast by car lights on the white of the walls. That is how I realized she was there, waiting on the threshold of the door. You

P.S. With Victor Brauner (This Is How I Would Like To Write)

With immense delicacy and great scrupulousness he [Gellu Naum] would each time talk about Victor Brauner – the friend from his youth years he had met on the occasion of an exhibition opened at Mozart Hall in Bucharest. It was 1935. The twenty-year old youth, Gellu Naum,

The Passage

1. You open one door and there appears another, then another, and another, up to the last one – which does not even exist – and thus you find yourself at the first door – which does not even exist – and you make a round, once more, unto familiar places, as what you

Writers In Troubled Waters

Those writers obsessed by the form, which they do not hesitate to convert into a norm, are too well familiar with the pain that accompanies the process of completing a page in a duly controlled, stylish, manner. Ultimately, one writes on waters, since all messages are, from