'Ma'am, I don't know what to do. I'm pregnant. ''What are you talking about, Maria? Have you no shame?'Maria was 18, had an athletic body and a heavy step, like that of a pack horse. Still, on top of a thin neck, her child-like face with

Napoleon's Victor

That summer, teacher Caranfil had gone to spend his holidays at Neamţul Monastery and on the day when the events he related to me had occurred to him, he had taken a trip with a company of friends in the surroundings of the monastery, beyond Procov hermitage. When he had

A Career

Captain Drăgoi used to enjoy much consideration among officers. He had gone through the whole set of hard tests. From a non-commissioned officer he had been promoted second-lieutenant in the regiment of a colonel with many daughters who had been withering, a prey to hidden


A young major, with the surprised look of a lamb on the Eve of Easter, his hair going thin and his belly claiming early promotion - entered the office of the company clerks and, without closing the door behind him put his leg on the table and while lighting a cigarette,


Neamţu Monastery: My coat hanging loosely on my shoulders. I was slowly climbing the road to the hermitage. I was drinking in the bracing mountain air like some life – giving elixir. Now and then I stopped to embrace with eager eyes the flint rocks whitening the distant

How I First Met Brâncuşi

excerpts We want to see Brâncuşi. Do you know him? asked Florica. We're old friends. But he is ill, it's not easy to get an appointment. Anyway, let's try. On the same day, October the 13th, 1956, we met Colomba again at 'Les deux magots', among

Brâncuşi And The World Of Music

For the sparkling sculptor of modern art, music represented a secret passion. It was only after the master's death that his close friends, V. G. Paleolog and Marcel Mihalovici revealed to the world the place the art of sounds took in the atmosphere of the mysterious


A few years ago, among the most brilliant students of our University was a young man named Coriolan Drăgănescu. He was the possessor of a brisk intelligence, a character of bronze, and the temperament of a hero; besides, nature had endowed him with an oratory talent impossible


from Don Juan CHAPTER VI Sometimes he would run into Tonia by chance. This is one way of putting it, because he often walked the streets close to her house, he went to a beer joint two corners away, sometimes he was in the park nearby speaking kindly, helping small groups


A man is sleeping on a bench in front of the sanatoriumhe's been waiting for his folks like manna from heavenwhite and coiled upfrom the valley he seems to mea lamb biting into the green woodI could go near him, call himjolt him, hug himbut he took everyone out of spaceand

Mrs. T

From The Procrustean Bed Add to these criteria of a physical nature the old preconceived idea of talent. As is known, talent is discovered thus: a boy or a girl, choking with stage fright, before a long table at which a commission are sitting, start declaiming Gens Latina


I dreamt we werearound a stone tablewith men long-forgotten –I was there yet absentnonexistent yet alivedrinking with them yet dying with thirst.  Something white fellon the stone tableilluminating our facessomething always putting to shamethe inability to grow.  We