The Second Independence, 1926

There is a technique of the life of the matter and a technique of the life of the soul. One is the result of scientific findings and inventions based on precise and universally valid laws; the other is the result of long-wearing inner experiences of man with himself, with

Old Stan

Children, have you ever thought that the grown-ups around you used to be children once? Well, ask any of them, and you will see that they are all pleased to recall their childhood. You will be grown-ups one day, and you will tell your children about today and then you will

Lalalilu Or The Stolen Childhood Of Romanian Film

click here to see trailer Present-day Romanian film lives a new childhood, if we consider at least the representatives of the New Wave, who are young and very young film directors with ages between 20 and 30. That is why their films are naïve, very close to childhood or

Musics And Tricks

excerpt AAAGH, WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I jumped up and forgot it was Sunday. I was just about to get dressed and go to school, to find out if Hari had come to any harm; I was like one of those old biddies who dream I don't know what, a black pond or something, and then think

The Alley Boys

excerpt  3. THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF STING AND STUNG Sting and Stung came into being in a jar of mustard, on the very first morning after I'd dreamt of serpentine road bends and devils. Had it been necessary to invent a realm for them to come forth from – a

The Wolf As Moralist

Can you still remember hearing once a story told to you by meOf the wolf who chanced anointed to the royal throne to be?I shall now impart what followed in his state or polity. Hearing first His lawful Highness that under his reign and ruleMost of his revered lieutenants

Preserve The Largest Wild Bird Region In Europe!

President of the German Nature Conservation Trust I was born and raised so close to the still tiny Bavarian Danube that I could observe the lime leaves in our garden, swept away into the river by the autumn wind. As an infant, I used to squat amongst the willow stalks on

Romanian Dishes, Wines, And Habits

excerpts THE DELTA ISLAND An island: the most spectacular and unusual part of Romania, neither water nor land. Isolated, lacustrine, villages, depending very much on nature and fishing, a labyrinth of lakes, canals, realms overflowing with wildlife. An extraordinarily

Little Fingers

excerpts The wind is chilly and it is as though it has a taste, a taste of mulberries. The boat passes by a white poplar. Over the water hang scattered streaks of haze, whelps of mist. The boat leaves behind it a row of dwarf willows. What a bluish-black night, like ink!

Între ieri, astăzi și mâine. Manifest

Obsesia legată de creativitate ca valoare specială a neamului românesc își are originea în adolescența mea studioasă și a fost stârnită în special de întrebările pe care le adresam mai vârstnicilor din familie, singur nereușind să deslușesc misterul părăsirii

O bandă ocupă un muzeu: banda desenată

O bandă ocupă un muzeu: banda desenată (complici: Institutul Cultural Român, Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană, artiști români) În intervalul 16 iunie – 16 octombrie 2011 a putut fi vizitat, la București, Muzeul Benzii Desenate, un proiect pilot derulat