Album monografic Ștefan Szönyi

Ediție bilingvă (română - franceză) Coordonator general: Anca Szönyi Thomas Studiu introductiv: Ruxandra Dreptu Traducere în limba franceză: Ileana Cantuniari Grafică și DTP: Dan Glăvan „Ca istoric de artă, mă aflu, din nou, în situaţia

Adnotări - lecții de pictură: album Constantin Flondor și gruparea NOIMA

Constantin Flondor și gruparea NOIMA - Ciprian Bodea, Dan Gherman, Sorin Neamțu, Andrei Rosetti, Sorin Scurtulescu, Robert Koteles, Liliana Popa Mercioiu, Ierom. Pantelimon Șușnea / album Ediție bilingvă (română-engleză) Traducere în limba engleză: Dana Chetrinescu

The Friend From The Provinces

Carturesti bookstore, National Museum of Contemporary Art. Your cousin from Timisoara is coming to the city. People from Banat and those from Bucharest don’t seem to see eye to eye, that is a known fact, but your duty is to make him feel at home. For him, home means very

The Construction Of Saint Joseph’s Cathedral

Red bricks are the distinctive feature of this construction, next to the white rosette, a huge round window above the main portal: thereby, the reader has most certainly recognized the Archbishopric of Saint Joseph's Cathedral. It is one of the landmark buildings in

Cuando Estoy En El Tablado Es Como Si Estuviera En Un Templo

Entrevista con y sobre GELU BARBUpublicada en CURIERUL ROMÂNESC(El Mensajero rumano)Año XV, nr. 10 (201), octubre de 2003 El arte del espectáculo auténtico es y seguirá siendo un mundo fascinante, por doquiera y cuando quiera, que a todos nos hace falta. El espejismo

The Beauty Of Romanian Women

The esthetic appreciation of the external aspect of the Romanian imposed a non-differential consideration of the two sexes. However, the image of man has usually been in the foreground. To balance things, the numerous descriptions of Romanian women must be reminded. The

The Seventh Symphony, Volumes

Pascal BentoiuPerformed in premiere in Bucharest Undoubtedly, composer Pascal Bentoiu must be regarded at present as one of the most outstanding symphonists of the Romanian musical school of the 20th century. The recent first performance in Bucharest of Symphony No. 7, Volumes,

The Conductor

The Romanian realm has given great creating spirits to the world, in all fields of activity: philosophers, historians, sociologists, scientists that made epoch-making discoveries, inventors, writers (poets, prose writers, and dramatists), brilliant musicians, painters, and


On 20 November 1921 an enthusiastic letter written by the poet Cincinat Pavelescu is published in Rampa, a letter which we see fit to transcribe in full: Dear Mr. Editor in Chief, My life's absorbing activities of incessant work at the head of a newspaper without any

The Romanian School Of Conductors

It is no secret to anyone that in Romania every person who has a good voice and musical talent has sung at least once, in his or her youth, in a choir. People say about Banat, the western region on the boundary with Hungary and Yugoslavia that it is the land of choirs, because

In Four Corners Of The World. A Bunch Of University Professors In South Africa

We are four university professors, invited here in the year 2000 (we have started to use this number with a certain panache) for conferences and for negotiations concerning a possible world congress of the International Society for Comparative Literature – one from Germany,

The Transylvanian Pilgrim

excerptsVienna, December 1838 Extra Hungariam non est vita, si est vita, non est ita.  Vienna and Bucharest! Oh, what a difference between these two cities! Like the sun and the planets is this Capital surrounded by adequate corollaries stretching to the margins of the