The Romanian Cultural Institute

10 Jun 2007 - 10 Jun 2007

Public Auction of Media Advertising Services

THE ROMANIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE AWARDING DOCUMENTATION CPV CODE: 7410000-6, 78115000-6 SERVICES OF ADVERTISING AND PRINTING ADVERTISING MATERIALS ( the acquisition of these services necessary to perform in good conditions the cultural programs carried out by

From Vienna For Bucharest

A native of Constanta born under the sign of Cancer, therefore dependent on the sea, the sun, the sand and the seagulls, a couple of months ago I moved to Vienna (no sight of the sea), after having spent four years in Bucharest (no sight of the sea) during my years of college

On Urban Utopias

see photos see movie On one of those buses there were comfortable sofas and a piano with a pianist playing Bizet or Vivaldi. On another such bus – trees, grass, a four-handed witch, and Little Red Riding Hood, while on the third bus, people were welcomed by a magician,

Uncommon Transport Or How Three Buses Were Detoured Directly To The Lane Of An Imaginary Realm

see photos see movie This summer, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Ilotopie theater group proposed a new form of a public transportation line for Bucharesters: a transportation out of line! For almost a week, three buses belonging to the RATB public transportation

For As Little As One Life

Grasp the tray of each dayWith both handsAnd join the line passingBefore this counter.  There's more than enough sunFor everybody,More than enough sky,More than enough moon.  From the earth arise the aromasOf luck, happiness, and glory,Tickling your nostrilsEnticingly.

The Abiding Wounds

excerpts Most traditional stories move from a bad start to an agreeable conclusion. The story I am going to share with you falls short of the traditional canon. For one thing, it begins agreeably enough, only to draw to an unsavoury conclusion with ambiguously loose ends.

The History And Archeology Museum Of Tulcea

The History and Archeology Museum (HAM) is a main component of the Institute for Ecomuseum Research, Tulcea (IER). Although it was practically established in 1975 by the permanent history and archeology exhibition at the former Danube Delta Museum, inside an edifice located