20 May 2017 - 28 May 2017

“Standpoint”, proiectul românesc prezent la London Fashion Week va fi expus la Romanian Design Week

Institutul Cultural Român prezintă, între 20 și 28 mai, la Romanian Design Week, expoziția cu care România a participat la ediția de anul acesta a London Fashion Week. Intitulată “Standpoint”, inițiativa reunește creațiile designerilor Smaranda Almășan,

1 Feb 2017 - 28 Feb 2017

Lista proiectelor culturale organizate de Institutele Culturale Românești din străinătate – FEBRUARIE 2017

Institutul Cultural Român de la Beijing 18 februarie – 17 martie/ Expoziția de arhitectură „Glosă în piatră”, semnată de artistul Alexandru Dâmboianu la sediul Institutului. 18 februarie – 15 decembrie/ Proiectul „Tinerii chinezi descoperă

17 Feb 2017 - 21 Feb 2017

Expoziţia de design vestimentar “Standpoint”, la Săptămâna Modei de la Londra 2017

După şase prezenţe consecutive la Săptămâna Modei de la Londra, un veritabil spectacol al imaginației sartoriale din întreaga lume, designul românesc revine pe scena londoneză cu noi propuneri creative. Intitulată sugestiv 'Standpoint', expoziţia din

B. Fundoianu / Benjamin Fondane (1898-1944)

B. Fundoianu began to publish persistently and regularly in 1918, when he was twenty; with the determination that characterized him, he embarked upon a tireless mission that took all the attributes of a vocation: that of a messenger of French – hence European – culture

The Thirties. The Romanian Extreme Right

Chapter IIROMANIANISM AND AUTOCHTHONISMexcerpts Continuing the clash of ideas of the previous decades, the 1930s too witnessed a confrontation on the evolution formula of the Romanian make-up. Two directions were pitted against each other. One favorable to the maintenance

My Aunts From Tel Aviv

excerpt Big scandal occasioned by Remembrance Day and Independence Day (Yom Ha-Zikaron, Yom Ha-Hatzmaut), because the Minister of the Armed Forces ordered 40,000 Israeli flags in Taiwan instead of the domestic industry, preferring foreign silk,and this friend of mine who

Woolen Gardens

European travelers such as Antonio Maria del Chiaro were struck long time ago by the uncommon abundance of woolen carpets in each Romanian home, be it aristocratic, bourgeois or peasant. Carpets were laid mainly onto the walls of the rooms, but they also covered the beds,

Discovering America - Projecting A Myth. Mircea Eliade's Perspective On The Birth Of A New World

We have been acquainted with the fundamental myths of Romanian spirituality in Mircea Eliade's view and read his comments on the legend of Master Manole, the legend which, according to Eliade, certifies that myth is essential to the process of artistic creation, and

Do Something, Be Somebody

The experimental artist Grigorescu Ion has forged himself some time ago out of the painter Ion Grigorescu. Indeed, in Romanian it is rather unusual for an adult to put his family name before the forename. Customarily, this happens in official documents or in school registers,

Donna Alba

excerpt Donna Alba reached the door with her nimble, high pace. Outside, in the hall of the floor, I caught up with her. I switched on the light and moved my hand around, trying, finding no other way, to delay her from the straight, irrevocable path that I had traced out

Record Of Journey To Romania, May 1924

excerpts X In the morning of May 27th I went to see Mr. Tatarescu, at the office of the Prime Minister. I quote the main points of what Mr. Tatarescu told me: He is the Under-Secretary of State for political issues, including Minorities issues. As these latter are of particular

Khazar Jews. Romanian History And Ethnography

excerpts Motto: It is known that, when a people is about to disappear, first its high society disappears, and with it the literature. (Milorad Pavici, The Khazar Dictionary) Lazar Saineanu and his studies in folklore. An ethnographic controversyLazar Saineanu was a very