1 Aug 2010 - 5 Sep 2010

Aristoteles Workshop, ediţia a V-a

În perioada 1 august – 5 septembrie 2010, în satul Vama din judeţul Suceava se desfăşoară cea de-a V-a ediţie a atelierului de film documentar Aristoteles. Aristoteles Workshop reprezintă un program anual unic de training şi dezvoltare în producţia de film documentar,

8 Jun 2010

SEARA DE FILM. "Captivi de Crăciun" și alte scurtmetraje de Iulia Rugină

Marţi, 8 iunie, de la ora 18. 00, Seara de film de la Institutul Cultural Român (Aleea Alexandru 38) programează patru scurtmetraje realizate de Iulia Rugină: Bună Cristina! Pa Cristina! (2006), Vineri în jur de 11 (2006), Muzeul relaţiilor destrămate (2009) şi

Why Animalia

Animals have well-defined pigeonholes assigned by the traditional Romanian mindset. From wee to huge, all creatures are cast in distinct roles that any inhabitant of temperate geographical areas will recognize: hardworking as an ant (or bee), stupid as a goose, haughty as

From The Mountains To The Sea

During autumn and winter, migrating peregrines come to our country from the north, looking for prey in the fields as well. However, the ones who nest here can also be seen in the mountains during the warm season. Another bigger bird of prey, which also lives in rocky regions,

The Bull And The Magpie

Up and down the back of a big, black bull that looked appalling, one magpie was slowly strolling. A wee doggie passing by stopped to marvel at the sight. “He’s an idiot alright! Carrying everybody on his hide… Hey, maybe I can hitch a ride!” Thus considering,


Is every city like this? I’m standing on my balcony, looking down onto a busy car park where a space costs €8 per day. The car alarms are beeping, howling and wailing. It spreads like a virus down the street. Nobody seems to mind. Young men and women stand around in

Eastern Station

In those days they used to go to the Eastern Station, visiting some acquaintances: friends, as they might, after all, also have called them. Except that on this point, at least, Olga was right: they were not their friends; indeed, there was no way or time when they could

The Town Within The Town

Government Palace in Victoriei Sq. a fragment from the novel Derapaj (Skid), Iaşi, Polirom 2006 Maria’s life glowed with a murky sort of splendor, her past, though committed to oblivion, constantly closing in on her and obscuring her thoughts like the spots of a solar

For Writers Are All Jesters, And All The Jests Together: Literature

For writers are all jesters, and all the jests together: Literature  In the history of literature, Tristan Tzara is regarded as the founder of Dada, an international literary and artistic movement, born in Zurich in 1916, with ramifications and outposts across three continents.

The Man In My Dream

In short?In short, right now, as soon as you get home, pack up your things. . . Tomorrow morning, on my way to the station, I'll drop by for five minutes: I'm gonna drag you along! Fifteen days of quietness, of fresh air, after a whole summer in this inferno will

On Armenian Writers

When I was asked to write these lines, I thought I had got it wrong, or they had gone to the wrong person. Writing about Ştefan Agopian and Bedros Horasangian (I give their names in alphabetical order, but who knows what may come out of it, you're never too sure with


To clarify the unities of place, time and action in this world: here, now and thus, when one can no longer believe in the laws of happening, because this place is not in the now, and this now does not thus give temporality to the here. The present reality of things past