Paul Celan


Lilac-less is your hair, your beautiful face in the looking glass. From one eye to the other glides the cloud, like Sodom toward Babel:like leafage it scatters the tower and foams round the sulfur thicket.  Then a lightning twitches your mouth – that den with violin splinters.

Death Fugue

Black milk of dawn we drink you in the eveningwe drink you at noon and in the morning and we drink you at nightwe drink and drinkwe dig a hole in the air where one lies comfortablyA man lives in the house who plays with the snakes and writeshe writes when it grows dark in

Jewish Identities In Interwar Bucovina

There were Jews in Bucovina even before its existence as a separate province. As early as the 18th century, some Jewish families in the German area looked for a better life in this northern part of Moldavia, which subsequently became Bucovina. Here they were given more protection