Mihail Sebastian


Dialogul Cultural Europa-China, Spații publice și poduri între culturi la Palatul Parlamentului din Bucureşti – MODERNISM. roautor: Cosmin Năsui 21 octombrie 2014 Dialogul Cultural Europa-China (1) Dialogul Cultural Europa-China (2)În perioada 15-17 octombrie 2014

O lume văzută de la Ierusalim. Alte întâlniri la Cercul Cultural din Ierusalim 2007-2013

O lume văzută de la Ierusalim Alte întâlniri la Cercul Cultural din Ierusalim 2007-2013 Organizate de Costel Safirman și Leon Volovici Consemnate și editate de Costel Safirman ISBN: 978-973-577-658-9 Cuprins Cuvânt înainte 1. TEME ȘI REFLECȚII Miturile Europei

NR. 63 - toamna 2007

SUMAR NR. 63 Dincolo de eveniment Dunja Melčić – Un recviem sârb Perry Anderson – Rusia azi Luca Niculescu – Viraj periculos Dialog Ahmed Rashid – Georg Brunold – Miezul întunecat al Pakistanului Patrick Cockburn – Un război mic ce dăunează garantat

On Literature And Minorities

The literature of minorities? Literature has always belonged to a minority. Even the one that claims to be the spokesperson for a majority is still addressed to a minority. Because usually, and these days this is even more obvious than before, readers only represent a minority,

About Mihail Sebastian

There may be nothing more seductive than man's attempt to reach the limit of the absolute, the fire and thrill of embodying the universal which confers sense and soundness to the human adventure. More so, as this endeavor begins with the accidental and ephemeral of


Mrs. Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu has written, after the model of the English novel, the moral and sentimental story of a family, a study of ramified psychology, probing into the deepest feelings of the collective clan and family life that changes from generation to generation

Fiction Of The Diary

excerpts The Diary and Its Readers We should not overdo it with diaries and letters. We usually tend to deem them more revealing of the man than his public work. All that is secretive, familiar draws us as if it were a confession. It is the pleasure of breaking an interdiction,

The Mourning Face Of Otherness

Un sot n'a pas assez d'étoffe pour être bon. La Rochefoucauld Let alone the characteristics of the genre, Mihail Sebastian's Diary is a confession about relationships with the other set against the background of rising anti-Semitism between the two World


excerptsWednesday, September 30, 1936 Sunday and Monday at Roman. I left the place most disquieted. I had the feeling I should never be able to rejoin life again. Everything seemed futile, absurd (…)Now it's all behind me. In a way, it went clear out of my mind.

The City Of Acacias

Chapter 5. The first and last nightsOne evening they were returning from a concert. It was getting late, but they still lingered on the streets, in spite of the cold, damp weather outside. They wouldn't part with each other after the two beautiful hours they had spent


excerpt  Stefan Valeriu left early in the morning and didn't come back until late at night, after dinner. He wandered through several neighboring villages, smoked a lot and talked, very earnestly, about the harvest and the weather with some peasants he met. 'Perhaps

Return To The Interwar Bucharest

excerpts  So closeSuddenly, the interwar people make the body visible: men are allowed to shave off not only their beards, but also their moustaches – a facial change that overthrows an aesthetic canon with centuries-old resistance – and women, punished and ridiculed