The Faces Of the City

Life Histories in Bucharest – the 20th Centuryexcerpt All the Greeks in the city sought to make me their son-in-law. Demostene Gramatopol, 1910-? My initial intention was to interview both Greeks belonging to the old Greek community in Bucharest, and some of those who

My Rosenau In The Carpathians

I have always wondered why so many of those who happen to be born within the Carpathian arch, in Transylvania, have a sense of coming from a unique, privileged area, why they keep an enduring and unquestioned commitment to it whatever may happen in their lives, whether they

The Land Of Nera

Between the mountains of Semenic, Anina and Almaj, to the south of the Romanian Banat, between Semenic and the Danube lies a flat land which geographers deem specific of the Carpathians. Ellipsoidal in shape, crossed by the river Nera, the land of Almas is girdled by wooded

The Science Of The Nation, 1937

excerpts IIINations usually develop within the boundaries of a specific territory, their fatherland. The relationship established between these nations and their fatherland can take various forms. There are nations that populate the land only after having left a previous

A Streetcar Named Popescu

excerpts A Streetcar Named Popescu is a community theater show. The script by stage director Gavriil PINTE (b. 1961) is based on works by Cristian POPESCU (1959-1995). The show begins at a streetcar stop with the audience getting on the streetcar. Then the streetcar joins

The Boars Were Mild

Condrat stands, props the oar against the thick trunks of the oaks and pushes the boat through the wood. Bits of ice slam against the ribs of the boat-bits of ice mixed with broken boughs, clots of floating vegetation, old leaves, cormorant and heron feathers. The storm

The Ethnography And Folk Art Museum Of The Institute For Ecomuseum Research In Tulcea

ASPECTS RELATED TO THE ORGANIZATION OF THE ETHNOGRAPHY AND FOLK ART MUSEUM  The Ethnography and Folk Art Museum represents one of the four museums which form the Institute for Ecomuseum Research in Tulcea (founded in 1993) following the reorganization of the Danube Delta

20 Ways To Love Thy Neighbor

The evolution of the traditions, cross-influences and mutual borrowings of the Romanians' centuries-old cohabitation with the 20-odd national minorities is worth looking into because it may offer spectacular surprises. Owing to the blend of very different nationalities

Ideas And Ideology In Interwar Romania

For the Romanian cultural psyche, the interwar period still appears, after so many decades of indefatigable exegesis, as a real, alluring and embarrassing hortus conclusus, a closed garden of paradisiacal, yet so venomous intellectual flourishing. Major cultural achievements

EURESIS no. 1-4 / 2009

Numărul consacrat în 1995 postmodernismului în cultura română s-a bucurat de o bună primire atât pe plan intern, cât şi extern. Astăzi, încă, studioşi ai literaturii şi culturii române din străinătate ne scriu întrebându-ne cum şi de unde ar putea să

EURESIS no. 3-4 / 2008

Apel la Fondane, apelul lui Fondane A vorbi despre Fundoianu- Fondane, a reflecta asupra textelor sale – dar şi asupra destinului său – a organiza colocvii sau a-i consacra numere speciale de revistă – sunt tot atâtea acţiuni care n-au nevoie de pretextul unei

Narcis Dorin Ion - Bucureşti. Memoria unui oraş / Bucharest. Memory of a City

Bucureşti. Memoria unui oraş / Bucharest. Memory of a City Autor: Narcis Dorin Ion Ediție bilingvă (română-engleză) Traducere în limba engleză: Samuel Onn “Bucureştiul a fost numit cândva, şi nu fără temei, Micul Paris. Lucrul se petrecea în perioada interbelică