Cuando Estoy En El Tablado Es Como Si Estuviera En Un Templo

Entrevista con y sobre GELU BARBUpublicada en CURIERUL ROMÂNESC(El Mensajero rumano)Año XV, nr. 10 (201), octubre de 2003 El arte del espectáculo auténtico es y seguirá siendo un mundo fascinante, por doquiera y cuando quiera, que a todos nos hace falta. El espejismo

Un Recuerdo De Malaga, Con Eugenio Coseriu

Mi formación básica como hispanista y como filólogo, en general, se ha llevado casi exclusivamente a cabo en la Universidad de Bucarest. Ha sido una buena formación, y la única falta (¡eso sí, mayor!) que podría achacarle es la ausencia casi completa de diálogo


Fragmentos BATALLA FLORAL[1] Texto escrito con tinta en una hoja de papel. La batalla floral estaba en lo mejor aquel sábado (1894). . . y por haber oído repetidas veces tantas cosas sobre la misma, me había ido yo también para ver de que se trataba. . . Mi amigo

Brief Presentation Of The Armenian Community

Excerpts The oldest findings prove the presence of Armenians on the present territory of Romania, more precisely in Moldavia, in an inscription on a tombstone in Cetatea Alba, dated 967 AD. The Hungarian chroniclers Simon Kesay and Thuroczi recorded that, under Duke Geza

Wise Humor As A Sum Of Contraries

Speaking about I. L. Caragiale, i. e. the quintessential comic playwright in Romanian theater, N. Steinhardt made a few distinctions likely to offer generous openings: However powerful its spiritualism, Asia terrifies us with its uncivil dirt and squalor, while blind and

George Enescu At The Beginning Of A New Millennium

The history of world music has witnessed many spectacular overturns in the hierarchy of values, when names of purely local interest whose death was not even announced in an obituary (Johann Sebastian Bach) became world famous personalities a century later. Quite often, internationally

The Oleg Danovski Ballet Theater

Managing Director, Oleg Danovski Ballet Theater Oleg Danovski's unquestioned merit lay in resisting the temptation of accepting to be turned into a ritual by the critique and the cultural bureaucracy, and in having launched, in the '80s, a first off the opera

Irinel Liciu - A Great Sensitivity And Its Fragility

I was touched and amazed to discover this skinny little girl, thin and long legged, who was doing her exercises in the ballet room with the concentration of a mature artist. The way she led her body had lost any trace of effort and it was describing meanings known only to

Interview With Ioan Tugearu About Floria Capsali

You were one of Mrs. Capsali's students and on one occasion you confessed that you could talk about her excellence for days and days. This subject captivates me, it excites me, and at the same time it moves me because it's been 50 years since I met Floria Capsali.

Vivat Profesores! - Through The Looking Glass Of Time

There are chances in life. I have made mention of it before and will not hesitate to repeat it. To some of them we turn a blind eye; for others we may knowingly not have the just power of judgment and pondering. Or, that of turning something to good account. Floria Capsali

Floria Capsali - Musical Vibration Turned Movement

In the summer of 1982, as I was saying an emotional good-bye at Floria Capsali's deathbed, the whole mournful world felt we were witnessing the end of a living legend of Romanian dancing. Indeed, for over half a century (she was born in 1900 in the town of Bitolia,

From Marriage In the Carpathians To Romeo and Juliet

1921. End of the year. The Romanian State Opera House was established in Bucharest. 1938. The month of August. The young institution was holding, through its representatives, master Floria Capsali to its bosom, who was employed on that occasion to nurture the destiny of