18 Mar 2014

„O vară de neuitat” la Cinemateca românească de la ICR Londra

Seria de capodopere ale cinematografiei române din toate timpurile prezentate de „Cinemateca românească” de la ICR Londra continuă, în data de 18 martie, cu un film la fel de memorabil precum anotimpul pe care îl evocă: „O vară de neuitat („Un été inoubliable

11 Dec 2012 - 16 Dec 2012

Festivalul de film românesc „Rekonstruktion. Filmland Rumänien II” la Berlin

Institutul Cultural Român „Titu Maiorescu” Berlin în colaborare cu Zeughauskino, cu sprijinul Centrului Naţional al Cinematografiei organizează în perioada 11-16 decembrie 2012 festivalul de film „Rekonstruktion. Filmland Rumänien II”. Deschiderea va avea loc

17 May 2012 - 20 May 2012

România, țară invitată de onoare la Târgul Internaţional „Lumea Cărţii“ de la Praga

România este tară invitată de onoare la cea de-a XVIII-a ediţie a Târgului Internaţional „Lumea Cărţii“, desfășurat în capitala Cehiei (Palatul Expozițional), în perioada 17-20 mai 2012. Organizatorii principali ai programului românesc sunt Ministerul Culturii

24 Mar 2011

Şapte scurtmetraje studenţeşti la Seara de film

Joi, 24 martie 2011, de la ora 18. 00, în cadrul programului Seara de film, la Institutul Cultural Român vor fi proiectate şapte scurtmetraje selecţionate sau premiate la Festivalul internaţional de film studenţesc CineMAiubit, ediţia din 2010: Strung Love, regia:

Negociere servicii artistice (ATRIBUIT)

Prin prezenta vă informăm că Institutul Cultural Român va demara în data de 11. 01. 2017 ora 11:00 negocierea cu Teatrul Satiricus Ion Luca Caragiale din Chișinău a unui contract de prestări servicii artistice pentru prezentarea spectacolului Ciuleandra, ce se

Night Lights Light Nights Of Bucharest

Sometimes glowing colorfully in the dusk air, as doors of museums open up for late visitors, or, some other times, its dark sky flushed by lasers for white nights of entertainment, Bucharest often begins to live and breathe anew after sundown.  White NightsNow that the

Grigore Antipa In The Bucharest Of The Beginning Of The 20th Century

Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History Having returned to the country after finishing his studies his studies and his PhD. thesis, awarded summa cum laude at the famous University of Jena, on 1 April 1893 Dr. Grigore Antipa was appointed director of the Zoology department

Bucharest And Its Paradoxes

O Moft! Thou art the watchword and motto of our times. Vast syllable of unbounded content, in thee there is such comfortable room for countless meanings: joys and misfortunes, merit and infamy, guilt and misadventure, right, duty, sentiments, interests, convictions, politics,


Ceci est un fait-divers atroce. Les Mémoires du Bal-Mabille There are dreams we seem to have lived sometime long ago, somewhere, as well as things we lived about which we ask whether they were not a dream. That's what I was thinking of yesterday evening when, rummaging

Ion Luca Caragiale And The Kitsch

excerpts 1. Now, as for the figments of the German imagination - why turn to them at all? They're nothing but fads. (the respectable Jupîn Dumitrache)You love me too, leave off pretending and put all fads aside. (Rică)Come off it and put all fads aside, Ghiţă.

Editor's Note

The threshold between the millenniums is an opportunity for evaluation: tributes, jubilees, festivals. Archives are being browsed, masterpieces are reappraised, and writings are redefined in the current context, then recirculated in today's competition. Everything becomes

Facing Their Faces

Do Romanians look in a particular way, precisely as Romanians, and not merely as people of their own times? The answer to such a question of image, apparently simpler than the one to the proper being of the Romanians, is actually much more difficult. And this basically because