8 Nov 2022

Participarea României la Festivalul Internaţional de Orgă Terra Sancta ediția 2022

Festivalul Internaţional de Orgă Terra Sancta are loc în perioada 31 octombrie – 11 noiembrie 2022 în lăcaşuri de cult din Grecia, Cipru, Iordania şi Israel. În urma succesului constant de care se bucură participarea României în program, organizatorii

4 Jan 2017 - 8 Jan 2017

Participarea trupelor românești Baba Dochia și Gothic la festivalul multidisciplinar Saarang, India

Trupele românești Baba Dochia și Gothic vor concerta, cu sprijinul Institutului Cultural Român, la festivalul multidisciplinar Saarang, constituind a treia participare consecutivă a unor trupe românești la acest festival, devenit principala atracție culturală

26 Oct 2009 - 30 Oct 2009

Turneu ARCHAEUS în Germania

În perioada 26-30 octombrie 2009 se va desfăşura în Germania un amplu turneu al cunoscutului atelier de muzică contemporană din Bucureşti, ARCHAEUS, condus de compozitorul Liviu Dănceanu, una din cele mai vechi formaţii de muzică contemporană din România (constituită

Sunday Morning. A Bourgeois Walk In A Post-Communist City

clockwise from top left: Smardan St. , Stavropoleos St. , Caru cu bere pub (2), Stavropoleos Church (3), Russian Church. Early Sunday morning before 10 A. M. , the city offers its first surprise. It is empty. The bare streets are visible in all their twisted length, without

The Construction Of Saint Joseph’s Cathedral

Red bricks are the distinctive feature of this construction, next to the white rosette, a huge round window above the main portal: thereby, the reader has most certainly recognized the Archbishopric of Saint Joseph's Cathedral. It is one of the landmark buildings in

In A City Which Used To Be European

Well, then, Dilema Veche intends to host a series of comments on the state of the city in which we live, to which some of us are bound, by birth, others by a life experience that is getting longer and longer, and which we want to defend against the aggressive attempts to

The Past: Plus Quam Perfectum

Bucharest is a city in search of identity. Its precise moment of birth is unknown, for the Cetatea Dîmboviţei of the 14th and 15th centuries only played host to its rulers when they occasionally came to ward off threats from south of the Danube or Hungarian attacks form

How Modern Is the Modern Romanian Fantastic?

As everything modern, the fantastic mode, which seems to be still one of our great favorites in these last years of the modern millennium is to be defined through the series of transformations of the traditional forms of the fantastic art. In her excellent reference book

The Gentle Whisper Of The Magic

I certainly am neither the first, nor the only person to notice that the fantastic appears as a distinctive feature of Nordic, non-Latin peoples, rather than of the meridional spirit. The solar, mercantile, skeptical-rationalist South, and the sanguine, outgoing, relativistic

Chronicles Of An Optimist

excerpts NOISES OF THE CAPITAL For reasons I cannot exactly explain, the flow of ideas circulated by the independent press has strikingly dwindled to a mere trickle. One can only put it down to the times of fatigued irritation we are living through as we wait for the much


excerpts From Winter to Summer Two seasons, rather than four, by all means. Late fall, with powerful stags calling. After the horse races in Moldavia and the first fires in the remotest houses of Bukovina, winter comes. The only flowers left are those in the carpet wool

Şuţu Palace

Director It was March 29, 1832 when the commissar of the Red District of Bucharest replied to Postelnic (Minister of Foreign Affairs) Costache Grigore Suţu with an approval to resume the works on the surrounding wall of the garden You have begun to raise. Symbolically