Gigi Caciuleanu

Coregraful Gigi Căciuleanu prezintă spectacolul „Text Shop“ în Sala Mare a Institutului Cultural Român

„Text Shop“, performance-ul one man show al lui Gigi Căciuleanu,  organizat de Institutul Cultural Român (ICR), va avea loc vineri, 24 mai, de la ora 19. 00, în Sala Mare a ICR, în cadrul Festivalului Culturii Românilor de Pretutindeni Aici-Acolo 2019. One man

Requiem - Interview With Gigi Căciuleanu

Interview with Gigi Căciuleanu about the performance staged as an absolute première in Constanţa – June 2000 To Gigi Căciuleanu, Romanian choreographer living in France, who left Romania in 1972 to win a wager with himself – the freedom to create in a world free

An Interview With Gigi Căciuleanu - June 1999

Gigi Căciuleanu is one of the most important and original personalities in the world of contemporary dance. He is a graduate of the ChoreographyHigh School in Bucharest. He studied with Messerer Varlamov in Moscow. A decisive influence on his entire career came from the

Gigi Căciuleanu Or Of Bodies In The Dancing State

Gigi Căciuleanu is a dancer and choreographer wrapped in a legendary aura, about whom dance magazines have written year after year, a formidable company manager who has worked in several cultural systems (Rennes, Paris, Santiago de Chile), possessed by a wonderful creative