Four Corners

6 Jul 2023

„Romanian Weekend at The Wharf”, cel mai mare proiect de diplomație culturală al României în SUA, la a doua ediție

Ambasada României în SUA și Institutul Cultural Român din New York, în parteneriat cu Consiliul Județean Maramureș, organizează, în perioada 7-9 iulie 2023, la Washington, D. C. , cea de-a doua ediție a evenimentului  „Weekend românesc la Washington / Romanian

2 Feb 2023

ICR New York lansează în 2023 un nou program muzical: „Jazz&Fusion Jamboree”

ICR New York lansează un nou program muzical, „Jazz&Fusion Jamboree”, care se va derula pe parcursul întregului an la sediul său din inima Manhattan-ului. Proiect dedicat exclusiv muzicii jazz, curatoriat de chitaristul româno-american Dan Purcea, „Jazz&Fusion

7 Aug 2012

Artă românească în parcuri londoneze

ICR Londra a sărbătorit alături de oficialităţi din cartierele olimpice amplasarea mai multor lucrări de artă româneşti în estul Londrei, pe durata Jocurilor Olimpice Sculpturi şi instalaţii impresionante ale mai multor artişti români au fost celebrate printr-un

One Spring Morning

With his empty game bag and rifle on his shoulder, Loveţ the woodsman was slowly walking up the path stretching under the hill. A silly cuckoo was singing in the ash trees on the nearby summit; from the valley, another cuckoo answered its call. The forest had almost leafed

The Mogoşoaia Bridge

excerptsThe Beginnings With the passage of time the ancient road was called by sundry names: lane, bridge, promenade – as if it needed any name or title, this street of streets whose reign over the city goes back two hundred years. Victory Promenade! The Nation's

The Psychology Of The Romanian People

Chapter IX. The Romanians' Religion and CultureIt has been said and very often repeated that the Christian church and religion saved our nation and country from destruction. This is a statement too often made and too little controlled. With as much grounds one may state

In Four Corners Of The World. A Bunch Of University Professors In South Africa

We are four university professors, invited here in the year 2000 (we have started to use this number with a certain panache) for conferences and for negotiations concerning a possible world congress of the International Society for Comparative Literature – one from Germany,

Love In The Waste Lot

Safta was a victim of her past of love affairs and amorous generosity, but also of the human decay from the madhouse times and from all times. The former chanteuse had decided, the night when she ordered the enamoured shopkeeper to break the fiddles of the fiddlers, to give

Comments On The Legend Of Master Manole

excerpts1. Participation and RepetitionPerhaps the most significant difference between modern man and archaic man consists in this: for archaic man, a thing or an act acquires significance only in as much as it participates in a prototype, or in as much as it reiterates

Viva La Revolucion!

Bertrand had descended on our little town as if from a film: long-haired, with a beard that was still fluffy but nevertheless impressive in comparison with our teenage fuzz, and dressed in a T-shirt with Che Guevara on it. Besides, he was smoking Gauloises and was an anarchist.

Neoliberalism, 1927

excerpts Plutocracy What is the regime of the new men? Since the dawn of societal development, the axis of social life has always revolved between the following two extremes: the agrarian regime, based on the domination of the land, and the capitalist regime, based on