18 May 2009

„White Embers“ de Saviana Stănescu la Festivalul Internaţional de Teatru de la Sibiu

Piesa White Embers scrisă de Saviana Stănescu va fi prezentată publicului român în cadrul Festivalului Internaţional de Teatru de la Sibiu, la sfârşitul acestei luni. Spectacolul a avut premiera absolută în toamna anului trecut la teatrul experimental Dramalabbet

Pippo Delbono, la Gala Celebrităților din Sibiu: "Teatrul are un rol de responsabilizare"

Institutul Cultural Român (ICR), coorganizator a ediţiei de anul acesta a Festivalului Internaţional de Teatru de la Sibiu (FITS), a acordat, sâmbătă, o stea actorului şi regizorului italian Pippo Delbono. Distincţia a fost înmânată de vicepreşedintele ICR, domnul

"Arta de a dărui", tema Festivalului Internațional de Teatru de la Sibiu, coorganizat de ICR

Cea de a XXVI-a ediție a Festivalului Internațional de Teatru de la Sibiu (FITS), coorganizat de Institutul Cultural Român (ICR), se va desfășura între 14 -23 iunie 2019 și are ca temă Arta de a dărui.  Această amplă sărbătoare a artelor spectacolului propune, în

Mihai Băcescu And Jacques Yves Cousteau

Acipenser guldenstaedti The Sturgeon Collection of the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History I had the chance to work in the institution managed by the academician Mihai Băcescu for a quarter of a century and to know well its programmes concerning the development

A Vision Of Paradise

The Retezat National Park is a vision of paradise, truly one of the wonders of the world An interview with Zoran Acimov, Director of the Retezat National Park, by Ion Longin Popescu The blue-eyed realm, that's how tourist guides introduce the place when they talk

Icebergs Ahead!

an interview with Cristian LASCUCristian Lascu is editor in chief of National Geographic Romania, a speleologist and researcher. His CV features a variety of activities and awards: he is a national judo champion, scuba diver, founder of the Group for Underwater and Speleological

Sunday Best

Cismigiu Gardens Every time I visit this place, I feel the same. Maybe it’s because the elegant flower beds, the winding paths and the chatter of happy kids. Or maybe it’s the young lovers who paddle rowing boats, the skeletal old ladies who gossip on benches of battered

All Roads Lead To Bucharest

from left: buildings on Calea Victoriei and at Rosetti Sq. , University of Bucharest, building in Unirii Sq. According to the data from the latest statistical yearbook published in 2002, the average income per capita outside Bucharest is 82% of the average income of a person

The City's Ugliest Square

Clockwise from top left: Revolution Square, Maniu statue, Coposu bust, Hilton Athenee Palace, Kretzulescu Church, University Library, Ataturk bust, Carol I equestrian statue. Post-revolutionary administrators of the capital city have managed to turn the birth place of the

The Pillow

Costache is a clerk of consequence, only a few years away from retirement. He visits his daughters from his first marriage rather infrequently, and secretly, too. They did object to his remarriage, but then neither was his second wife too keen on his damsels. They didn't

The Bucharest Inns

excerpts In the second half of the 17th century, inns emerged in Bucharest. They later formed a very important chapter in the Bucharest economy of the 17th century and of the first half of the 18th century, and they made an important contribution to the development of the

Local Civilization

'Make your stores - they're cutting it off,' calls the bobby, pushing the entrance door ajar. And every member of the household hurries to grab a pail, a mug or any of the tinier pots and pans, dashing forward to the tap (the house is endowed with a tap -