27 Jun 2008 - 27 Jun 2008

Noaptea Institutelor Culturale

A doua ediţie a Nopţii Institutelor Culturale, organizată de ICR în partneriat cu British Council, Institutul Goethe, Institutul Italian de Cultura, Institutul Cervantes, Centrul Cultural Ungar, Institutul Polonez, Delegaţia Valonia-Bruxelles, Centrul Ceh şi Institutul

Vadim Creţu - Hortus Conclusus. Grădini misterioase / Mysterious Gardens

Discipol al maestrului Ștefan Câlția, Vadim Crețu (n. 1970, Bălți, R. Moldova) s-a format între 1986 și 1990 la Școala de Arte din Chișinău, iar între 1990 și 1996 a urmat cursurile Universității Naționale de Arte din București. În 1995 a câștigat bursa „Lion

Monkeys Without Rights

The article of Peter Singer about monkey rights and human rights published in the 232nd issue of Dilema veche praises the recent approval by the Commission for the Environment, Agriculture and Fishing of the Spanish Parliament concerning the Great Project regarding monkeys.

Traditional Animal Ecology

see Gallery In the case of primitive or rural cultures, one can undoubtedly speak of elements of ecology well before the term itself was ever used. This is even more natural when considering that the life of traditional communities maintained an organic relationship with

The Raven: A Totem Or A Bad Omen

Scientific classification Class AVES Order PASSERIFORMES Family CORVIDAE Sub-family CORVINAE Genera and species CORVUS CORAX CORAX – the raven CORVUS CORONE CORONE – the black crow CORVUS FRUGILENUS FRUGILENUS – the rook   COLEUS MONEDULA SPERMOLOGUS – the Jackdaw

From Physiologus To Bestiary: Function And Desideratum

Towards the end of the 12th century, in full maturity of the Romanesque order—and this concordance is purely symptomatic—a new type of book was created: The Bestiary with illuminations, which would have a particular impact and an overwhelming influence among educated

Festival Of Urban Art Architectural Projections

Press ReleaseSeptember 16, 2008 The Artmix Cultural Association (www. artmix. ro) announces the launch of the second Festival of Urban Art Architectural Projections, which will be held in the night of September 20, 2008 as of 10 PM in Constitution Square and University

The 20th Century - The Century Of Avant-Garde

The year 1900. Europe's countries are divided on the question: does the 20th century begin in 1900 or in 1901? Some opt for 1900, by virtue of the change in the figure of the hundreds. Others are partisans of 1901, for reasons of more sophisticated arithmetic. Particular

How Modern Is the Modern Romanian Fantastic?

As everything modern, the fantastic mode, which seems to be still one of our great favorites in these last years of the modern millennium is to be defined through the series of transformations of the traditional forms of the fantastic art. In her excellent reference book

The Gentle Whisper Of The Magic

I certainly am neither the first, nor the only person to notice that the fantastic appears as a distinctive feature of Nordic, non-Latin peoples, rather than of the meridional spirit. The solar, mercantile, skeptical-rationalist South, and the sanguine, outgoing, relativistic

On Jews And Judaism

The Jewish problem is not only a problem of the absolute Mathematician; it is one of the whole mankind. The first Christian commentators of the Pentateuch kept calling the attention to the mistake of registering the Scripture to the letter. Certainly, the Jews in Moses'

I Kiss Your Ass, Beloved Leader!

excerpt Lying on the hot tile floor, Brave Leader was reaching back and scratching his ass with the Romanian people. What he lovingly called the Romanian people was in fact a tiny little bathroom brush with ivory engravings, which he never parted with, and liked to have