Outline Of The History, Customs And Language Of The Gypsies

excerpts All chronicles show that this nomadic people appeared first in Moldavia; indeed, in order to come to Europe from India, they had to cross the Black Sea, which Moldavia used to border on at that time. In 1417, in the 19th year of the rule of Alexander the Good,

The Greeks

We do not hate the Greeks; quite to the contrary, we love them and we share the same heritage: a nationality to build; for we have the same interests, the same pains, the same hopes; and when we say 'we love them' we can bring proofs to support this statement:

Les Principautés Roumaines Devant L’Europe

Paris1856 Des trois empires qui bornent les Principautés, il en est un qui a sur elles certaines droits: c'est la Turquie. Mais ces droits sont nettement définis et limités dans les capitulations d'où ils tirent leurs origines. Le premier traité1 de la Valachie

Tales From The Night Of The Milk Sun

excerpt No, I have not forgotten about Fear-of-Darkness. I have certainly not overlooked her, as little Cantemir does with certain commas and full stops when he writes down his homework. Fear-of-Darkness sat before him, sparse and finicky, you would not have believed it.

Descriptio Moldaviae (Description Of Moldavia)

CHAPTER 4 – ON THE REGIONS AND TOWNS OF MOLDAVIA excerpt 3. THE CHILIA REGION. Its most important fortress is Chilia[1], once named Lycostomon, situated at the western mouth of the Danube, to which the Greek seamen gave this name namely because the waves seemed to roll

EURESIS / 2014

ArgumentWOLFGANG ISER – Culture: a recursive process CHRISTIAN MORARU – Cultural Studies Goes Global CĂLIN-ANDREI MIHĂILESCU – Unpacking knowledge JAN GORAK – Johnson on Shakespeare: The Use and Value of Spectatorship ANCA BĂICOIANU – Here, There, and Everywhere:

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