Benjamin Fondane


1922-1928. The Beginnings. Magazines and Manifestos. The Intellectual International. The Theorizing Machines. 75 HP – the New Start of the Romanian Avant-garde. Integralism and Synthesis. Synchronism and Internationalism The first avant-garde magazines and manifestos

The 20th Century - The Century Of Avant-Garde

The year 1900. Europe's countries are divided on the question: does the 20th century begin in 1900 or in 1901? Some opt for 1900, by virtue of the change in the figure of the hundreds. Others are partisans of 1901, for reasons of more sophisticated arithmetic. Particular

B. Fundoianu / Benjamin Fondane (1898-1944)

B. Fundoianu began to publish persistently and regularly in 1918, when he was twenty; with the determination that characterized him, he embarked upon a tireless mission that took all the attributes of a vocation: that of a messenger of French – hence European – culture

Minority Major Artists

The early-20th-century major Romanian art is not a block, but a very particular construction of intertwined cultural layers. One could not affirm that the most fertile and valuable Modern cultural period of this country was characterized by a certain, homogenous Romanian

On Minorities' Literature

In Romania, no less than 18 minorities live alongside the majority population, having more or less weight. This has favored – especially in some cases – a very interesting and significant cultural melting pot process, the birth of an extremely rich and diversified cultural

Modernity Without Avant-Garde: B. Fundoianu (Benjamin Fondane)

excerptsFondane's interest in the psychological mechanisms of illusion did not come from a strictly neutral or intellectual curiosity. Deeper resources of his personality contributed, and his poetry is testimony to that. As a general rule, only the disillusioned are


The play unfolds in our time. The first scene, or exposition scene, brings the Jew and king Belshazzar face to face: a parable of two enemy peoples, Jewish and pagan, of slavery and absolute power, of the weak and the strong, of the poor and the rich… The crux of the tragedy

B. Fondane's Exile Or Journey To The Centre

excerptsFondane's departure was the result of a personal choice, decision made in absolute freedom, without any pressure from the outside. And, because he was Jewish, we must add that his departure was not triggered by an anti-Semitic gesture against him or by any anti-Semitic

Benjamin Fundoianu (Fondane)

Real name: Benjamin WexlerBorn in Iasi, 1898. Boarding school in Iasi. Debut at 16 in O. Densusianu's The New Life magazine (1914). He reads some of his poems to Ion Minulescu during the refuge (Iasi). He establishes the Island avant-garde theatre (with Armand Pascal).

La Poésie Aux Confins Des Langues – Portraits En Miroir

L'ARME INVISIBLE La francophonie a bonne presse chez les Roumains. Le fait que la francophonie littéraire roumaine ait révélé ses quartiers de noblesse en France, par l'entrée de Tzara, de Fondane, de Ionesco et de Cioran dans l'espace littéraire français,

Bucarest-Paris, Aller Simple

Soulignant l'apport des écrivains, dramaturges, poètes venus de la sœur latine roumaine, Robert Sabatier fait cette remarque, dans le 6-ème tome de sa monumentale Histoire de la poésie française, celui consacré au XX-ème siècle: . . . mais il est vrai que

Intellectuals And Their Radical Political Involvement: Reflections And Subsequent Perceptions

In the last decades, particularly after the collapse of the communist regimes, ardent debates have taken place regarding the political commitment of certain great intellectuals and writers, generating even theoretical and philosophical reflections, concerning the relationship