Alba Iulia

9 Oct 2008 - 6 Nov 2008

„Carte veche românească“ la Muzeul Naţional al Literaturii din Praga

Institutul Cultural Român din Praga, Muzeul Tiparului şi Cărţii Vechi din Complexul Naţional Muzeal „Curtea Domnească din Târgovişte şi Muzeul Naţional al Literaturii din Praga organizează, în perioada 9 octombrie – 6 noiembrie, expoziţia aniversară „Carte

Gigi Căciuleanu, un poet al dansului, în Sala Mare a Institutului Cultural Român

Coregraful Gigi Căciuleanu a susţinut, vineri seară, spectacolul one man show Text Shop“, eveniment organizat de Institutul Cultural Român (ICR), în Sala Mare a ICR. One man show-ul Gigi Căciuleanu a propus o formă originală de interactivitate cu publicul:

Animal Representations In Dobrogean Antiquity Art

see Gallery The animal kingdom was amply represented in antiquity; there have been discoveries of representations ranging from the tiniest insects (the ant) to big wild animals (bear, wild bull). These representations reflect either the occupations of the people of those

The Legendary Wolf: A Shy Killer

The one and only wildlife reserve for wolves in Romania is near Zarnesti, Brasov County. Still, it is weird that, in a country where the wolf threat is used to make children behave themselves and Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale almost assimilated as folklore, a reserve

The Tenderness And Betrayal Of Magdalene

I couldn't say I was properly introduced to Magdalene, the wording would be equally pretentious and inexact; as a matter of fact, she actually rushed into my studio… She was tired, exhausted, shabby, as if she had come out of the hundred year war. I had worked all

Political Diary

*  Sunday, March 31, 1940Rotten weather. I stay indoors and work, bringing my Diary to date. The French and the British hold frequent, definitely long conferences – now in Paris, now in London – attended by militaries and politicians. This incessant activity evinces

A Continent Dreamt By An Island

A talk with Gelu Barbu Each artist who fulfils his destiny up to the zenith of glory becomes the founder of an island nostalgic about the continent. The creator does not represent a boastful, empty oneness but a world within a world. His original formula is achieved thanks

The Dacian Allurement

excerpt  Never have I felt more keenly all that separates us from the West than in a summer afternoon spent in the Versailles gardens. In the park full of Greek memories: Apollo's Pool, that of Latona, in which the superposed arrangement of the gardens that mount towards

National Minorities Reflected In The Romanian Fundamental Laws

Romania is a national state, at least that is what every Romanian constitution agrees upon, and more than 20 national minorities, which are represented in the Romanian parliament, live on the territory of this state. It is not at all easy to live among such ethnic diversity,

The Hungarians

None of the minorities living in Romania had a tenser relationship with the majority of inhabitants. Still, Romanians and Hungarians have been living together for centuries. The Hungarians in Transylvania praise their past, values and traditions within a context that permits

The Germans In Romania

There had been groups of German colonists in all the historical provinces, which came to make up Greater Romania at the end of 1918. But these Germans had not immigrated into Romania: they had come to Bessarabia when it belonged to Russia (and was returned to Soviet Russia