Adrian Mihalache

NR. 63 - toamna 2007

SUMAR NR. 63 Dincolo de eveniment Dunja Melčić – Un recviem sârb Perry Anderson – Rusia azi Luca Niculescu – Viraj periculos Dialog Ahmed Rashid – Georg Brunold – Miezul întunecat al Pakistanului Patrick Cockburn – Un război mic ce dăunează garantat

NR. 64 - iarna 2007-2008

SUMAR NR. 64 Pagini autobiografice Péter Esterházy – Harmonia cælestis Ion Vianu – Supunere, împotrivire, exil Dincolo de eveniment Jacques Rupnik – Populismul în Europa Centrală şi de Est Jacek Kochanowicz – Virajul la Dreapta Cultura – cardiograme

NR. 66 - vara 2008

SUMAR NR. 66 Pagini autobiografice Ion Vianu – Exerciţiu de sinceritate (III) Aharon Appelfeld – Povestea unei vieţi Dincolo de eveniment Adam Michnik – Ultraradicalii revoluţiei morale Paulo Moura – Portugalia văzută de pe a doua şosea importantă a

NR. 67 - toamna 2008

SUMAR NR. 67 Pagini autobiografice José Saramago – Fărâme de memorii Ion Vianu – Exerciţiu de sinceritate (IV) Dincolo de eveniment Linda Polman – Victimele carităţii Mircea Vasilescu – Italia: între vechile ideologii şi noile probleme Adam Michnik

NR. 68 - iarna 2008-2009

SUMAR NR. 68 Pagini autobiografice Sergio Benvenuto – A fost odată la Paris Matei Călinescu – File de jurnal Dincolo de eveniment Svetlana Alexievich – Securea şi călăul Felicia Antip – Criza Rafael Gumucio – Strigoi basci Cihan Tugal – Înverzirea

NR. 65 - primăvara 2008

SUMAR NR. 65 Pagini autobiografice Ryszard Kapuściński – Războiul fotbalului Ion Vianu – Ecerciţiu de sinceritate Dincolo de eveniment Perry Anderson – Înfăţişarea Europei Mircea Vasilescu – Când ideologia o ia înaintea adevărului Guillaume Dasquié

The Scientific Essay

by Adrian Mihalache

On The Romanian Melting Pot

When King Béla of Hungary decided to invite the Saxons to settle in Transylvania, the land had been severely depopulated by the Mongol invasion. The Germans came from the dry lands of Northern Europe and found here what must have seemed to them sort of a Promised Land.

Bucharest Wit

In Romanian, Bucharest is a plural noun. This implies it is a multifaceted city, dazzling in its diversity. However, it is not a conglomerate of villages, of boroughs, like London or New York. There are not self-contained neighborhoods, each with its main street (High Street),

Women Inc.

The first woman characters of the modern Romanian literature were anything but womanly. The Romanian romantic theatre and the historical romances of the nineteenth century abound in strong-willed, ambitious princesses, exasperated by the lack of guts in their male partners.

Who Keeps A Diary And Why

1. The Mirror of the SelfThere are people, quite a few, and not particularly the happy ones, who are themselves their main concern. They pay a great deal of attention to all the signals their body sends. For them, the physical well-being is a goal in itself, which should