Adrian Mihalache

Who Keeps A Diary And Why

1. The Mirror of the SelfThere are people, quite a few, and not particularly the happy ones, who are themselves their main concern. They pay a great deal of attention to all the signals their body sends. For them, the physical well-being is a goal in itself, which should

A Dance To The Music Of Words

I have often wondered why dance should necessarily be accompanied by music. The lines of a poem have their own sounds, rhythm and balance. Poetry is not made of such stuff as ideas, dreams or feelings, but of words, and their worldly counterpart, the sounds. Even the prose

An Innocent Abroad

When Mark Twain published the elaborate account of his Old World tour, The Innocents Abroad, America was still young, as a nation, and not yet proud of its culture. To avoid any tasteless outcry of admiration, driven by the contact with the vestiges of lost civilizations

Conductors And Directors

Now and then, some people group together to form a team. They do it in order to set up a company, to enact a play, or to make music. They can manage by themselves as long as a family business, a play with quite a few characters or an evening of chamber music is concerned.

Writers In Troubled Waters

Those writers obsessed by the form, which they do not hesitate to convert into a norm, are too well familiar with the pain that accompanies the process of completing a page in a duly controlled, stylish, manner. Ultimately, one writes on waters, since all messages are, from

Property Vs. Possession

Temptation One is tempted by what one sees, and seeing is the basic experience in cyberspace. One perceives the wondrous site, the desirable realm, but also the density of the transparent space that comes in-between – a psychological double of the transparent obstacle

From Lust To Zest

The English-speaking people do not have a perfect equivalent for the French joie de vivre. The latter conveys the accord between body and soul, the excitement at the prospects of the future (advienne que pourra), the feeling of well-being (se sentir bien dans sa peau).

The Rebel And The Freak

Most of the characters of Romanian fiction are outcasts and misfits and they duly suffer from it. This is not surprising, given the high speed of change experienced in the past two hundred years of Romanian history. When circumstances alter in such a rapid way, the individual

Boogie Nights With Milady

ArgumentI have always regretted the lack of raw erotic detail in the most remarkable works of fiction. This frustration is by no means compensated for by the high availability of lurid, pornographic books. When reading fiction, I do not look for arousal, but for precision.

Zorro In The Carpathians

When the Hungarians conquered Transylvania, several Romanian noblemen decided to adopt Hungarian language and culture, in order to get prominent positions in the establishment. The most famous is, of course, Hunyady János, called, in Romanian, Iancu de Hunedoara. He eventually

Un Amour Par Correspondance: Alexandre Et Sacha Odobescu

L'écrivain Al. Odobescu appartenait à l'aristocratie roumaine et, conséquemment, avait été, dés son enfance, soigneusement éduqué par des gouvernantes et des précepteurs étrangers. Il a poursuivi ses études en France, à l'époque où Louis Bonaparte

Nr. 83 - toamna 2012

Sumar Lettre Internationale nr. 83 RetrospectiveMircea Malița: Criza rachetelor Herta Spuhn: Încrâncenare, sarcasm, speranță Geo Șerban: Balcic – temă cu variațiuni *** Balcic – provocările privirii DIALOG Lidia Vianu – C. G. Săndulescu: „11 - 33” Dincolo