Pacala And The Boyar

Once upon a time, Pacala was sitting near a forest and was thinking what to do next. As he looked on the road, he saw a carriage coming towards him. Quickly, he got up, picked up a wood block and raised it in the air. In the carriage there was a lady and the coachman who

The Story Of Pacala

Pacala has been a movie hero since as early as 1915. The most recent film, on a much lighter note than the story above, is Pacala's Return, or Pacala 2 (2006), directed by Geo Saizescu (who also directed Pacala, 1974 - click here to see preview), and subject to harsh

Quote Fooled

God gets along better with little children, because a little one's soul is roomier. A grownup's soul is so crowded with evils that there is no place to stay. (aged 10) by student in The Zaica Experiment

The Girl Used To See Angels

The girl, when she was still with us, used to see angels.  But there are no angels!Who sees angels! Oh, wax doll!The priest nodded his head,the small black dog barked, barked,the woman in mourning wailed,and a grave gentleman wept into his palmswhen he looked at the wax


In 1982, with a thorn in my heart and my three-year-old son by the hand, I was calling on our the pediatrician-psychiatrist: in defiance of everyone around me, who did not believe my worries were well-grounded, I wanted to find out why my child was acting so strangely, why

Like Then: A Memory With M

I was walking through the campus on a sunny September morning, which was calm, fresh, with a deep blue sky, like then. Then, just as now, the dew that fell during the night on the grass sparkled coldly and delicately. The sun was strong and gentle. Through the pure air passed,

Nobody's Angels

excerpts  PROMISES  Those of us who looked after the severely ill, close to their end in hospitals or foster homes made a lot of promises to them. Some asked for the impossible, namely to save them from death, but most of them only wished not to die alone and, above all,

The Child Is Another Soul

In the Balkans full of various mythologies, it is said that nobody can move faster than angels[1] when it comes to passing from one human being to another, thus populating the earth. Yet angelic beings are not among the early manifestations of our national imagery. Romanians

I'm Bathing In The Daylight

I'm bathing in the daylight as children in the rain. I have no past or future. I'm watching as I runWith joy, along its bright course, the arrow-casting sunAnd fill my thoughts with summer, and fill my thoughts with grain.  Of this merciless joy I shall write:

Nobody's Children?

Abuse in the family. Abuse in the institutions. Poverty and the non-intervention of social services. The lack of mechanisms to enforce the law. In time, all this led to the increase of the number of children who live and work on the streets. According to statistics produced

Paradise Now

For any visitor of the Danube Delta it is extremely difficult to ignore the beauties it lavishly displays all around. One can obviously go to the Danube Delta simply to do business there, in fisheries, in shipping or in any other industrial branch. One can go there to participate

The Pressure Of Tourism Is Great, But It Can Be Controlled If We Want To

At 33, Daniel Petrescu, born in Letea, in the Danube Delta, an ornithologist by profession, organized at Sutu Palace in Bucharest his first photographic exhibition, entitled rather plainly Snapshots from Nature. It was in October 2006. A month later, the superb images of