Musics And Tricks

excerpt AAAGH, WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I jumped up and forgot it was Sunday. I was just about to get dressed and go to school, to find out if Hari had come to any harm; I was like one of those old biddies who dream I don't know what, a black pond or something, and then think

Topsi's To Blame

Why haven't you done your homework by this time? Topsi's to blame! Doina's mother is cross. Such a big girl (nine years old!) and she has to check up on her every step of the way. Look, it's eight o'clock in the evening and she still hasn't


excerpt  CHAPTER TWOIN WHICH MOTHER TELLS SNIPPETY-SNAP THE STORY OF A WHINEY, ROWDY LITTLE BOY Around five o'clock, at dawn,When the other kids sleep on,He would regularly moan.  What ails him, for goodness' sakeTo start moaning at daybreak?Well, at five he

The Little Girl Who Took The Word No Into Her Arms

A story, no matter how good or bad it may be, is in the end no more than a joining of words. That's something we know. But where do the story-tellers take out their words that they put together and make stories with (good or bad)? That's what we don't know.

The Exploits Of Sensible Stan

excerpt In the chilly mountain breezePoor Stan is apt to freeze. He's shivering like some tramp,Bending double with a cramp. Until noon he's in his tent. All his strength is nearly spentAnd he's lying there like dead. When the sun is overhead,Stan crawls

At Medeleni

excerpt Danutz dashed from one end of the house to the other. His hands were hungry: they had been waiting for so long to get hold of the kite string! Although ready to run, after he had slammed the entrance door closed, he slowed down and eventually sat on the porch stairs

Mr. Goe

So that he could finally be promoted at the end of this school year, grandma, mommy and aunty Mitsa promised to take the young Goe to Bucharest on the King's anniversary, the 10th of May. Little do we care if the three dames decide to leave their comfortable spot to

Memories Of Childhood Days

In 1964, Creangă's memories were made into a movie (click here to see preview) by Elisabeta Bostan (b. 1931), whose filmography extending back to 1956, includes the Naica series (Naica and the Stork, Naica and the Squirrel, Naica Leaves for Bucharest), another film

Ionica The Liar

Thou shalt not lie! A lie might get you lunch, but not supper. And there's no honesty in a liar. . . There lived once a little boy, Ionica by his name, who was always loath to help his parents. He didn't like it and that's that. Whenever his father said to

The Old Man's Good Girl

Once upon a time there was an old man who had a daughter famous for her diligence. The old man got married for the second time to an old woman who had a girl as well. But the old woman demanded that the old man's daughter see to all the chores of the house while her

Quote Good Kids, Bad Deeds

Meanness is when you put on kindness inside out. (aged 12) by student in The Zaica Experiment

An Invertebrate Mammal

It has been five years since a wolf lodged in the quiet building of the Natural Science Museum of our school. And because it was too big to fit on the shelves of the glass cases among the owls and hares, it was placed on a small table in the middle of the museum. It was