The Wheel Of Fortune

excerpts CHAPTER I How had the members of the Cherry Blossom Club gotten to the town of D. ? That was not a difficult one to answer. First, the little town was not very far from its twin, where the members of the Cherry Blossom Club lived. Then, as it often happens, one

The End Of The Holidays

excerpt Even though he would not have admitted it for anything in the world (he was a big boy now!), Gelu had not lost his taste for play. Before his indignant conscience, he held the one guilty to be Jack Barbecan, who had tapped on his door that morning: Gelu, let's

Anchors Away!

Radu TUDORAN's (penname of Nicolae Bogza) Anchors Away!, a very successful novel, later made into a film (aka Full Sail, 1976, directed by Mircea Mureşan - click to see trailer here), competing in nautical erudition, plot and length with Jules Verne's The Children

Student Dima From Seventh Grade

excerpt A NIGHT OF WAKING After the dinner party we go out into the hospital courtyard. Dusk is descending. A strong smell of carbolic acid tickles our nostrils. The boys are gathering round me. I tell them: Look. Let's all go to the cemetery. What should we do there

The Last Redoubt

excerpt 2 JUNE 1877 My mother has written to me. Her letter took two weeks to reach here. A long, tender letter, such as only a mother can write. Pieces of advice and fears, events back home and thoughts about the war, and then more advice… She thinks I am still a child.

Captain Ion's Arrow

excerpt While they were rushing on horseback towards Curtea de Arges, the boy was thinking about Voiena. He could not work out if he still felt something for her. He remembered only the taste of her kisses and the hot softness of the girl's cheek, pressed to his, while

Quote In Adventureland

What do soldiers who have lost the war do?The soldiers who have lost the war go to their moms to cry. They cry at their moms' because they're ashamed to do so in some other place. (aged 7) by student in The Zaica Experiment

A Streetcar Named Popescu

excerpts A Streetcar Named Popescu is a community theater show. The script by stage director Gavriil PINTE (b. 1961) is based on works by Cristian POPESCU (1959-1995). The show begins at a streetcar stop with the audience getting on the streetcar. Then the streetcar joins

A Little Piece Of Advice For Parents

Puppet actor A special relation is born between the child and the puppet, when the latter is handled with love and passion. I remember the kids who came backstage at the end of a show to see the puppets close up, touch them, and talk to them. They were very surprised to

What Do Children From The Year 2007 Want To See?

Children shows producer at Romanian TV (ABC…Why?) If we were to take for granted the cartoons shown on TV channels, we should start to weep. All we see are super-heroes, hysterical girls, violence and characters permanently ready to fart or to burp. . . that's what

ABC ... Why?

click here to see more (in Romanian) Artistic director ABC. . . Why? I am quite familiar with puppets: as a stage director I have put on a few puppet shows, and at home I've got a live one. Now I am experiencing great joy: after seven years of television work, I'm

The Story Of Pillet

The idea of founding a puppet theatre as a means of improving health education among children, and the relationship between doctors and their little patients came from a long way off. I had read a book by Sergey Obraztsov, one of the best known and appreciated Russian puppeteers.