Lecture On The Philosophy Of Religion, 1924-1925

excerpts XIV. The structure of the secondary determinations of the divine8. On the spiritual dimension of the Christian Orthodox  But what is exactly the spiritual dimension? For example, if we are aware of the fact that we are Christians, in this daily statement: I am

In Defense Of Orthodoxy, 1923

Today an English bishop is holding a conference in Bucharest, as he did in Constantinople, on unifying our Orthodox Church with the Church of England. This is preposterous. Furthermore, it is a crime against our national being. We saw it coming and were expecting it. For

Religion And Identity In Interwar Romania: Orthodoxism

In the two decades between the world wars the majority of Romanian intellectuals were engaged in a grand debate about what it meant to be Romanian and how national character determined social and political development. [1] The ideological commitments of the protagonists

The Children's Corner

1. The Virgin Mary with the Child, Orthodox icon, 17th century 2. Constantin Brancovan and his family 3. Ştefan Luchian (1868-1916), The Washing (see also Gallery) Romanian painters met the Child long before local art itself was born, in the modern sense of the word (the

All Those Images

Early Sunday afternoon, lying in bed with a large illustrated book of Ion Creangă stories, Memories of Childhood Days: the time stood still, waiting for me to turn over the pages, and I had all the time in the world. My father was sitting next to me reading too, but I was

Pioneer Contests

Wherever we are with our pioneers' unit, we can easily organize several contests, much loved by the pioneers. They can entail individual participation, pairs or teams of 3 or 4 pioneers of different ages, of both sexes. The playground should be even, clean and large

Pioneers Forever

Pioneer's honor if I lie to you! I don't know why, but I skipped school the day I was supposed to become an Oktombrel (a sort of junior pioneer), when I was in the first grade. You can imagine my suffering for not having participated in the ritual which made you

The Red Scarf

excerpt  Is that what it says? dashed Redhead at Tindei, grabbing him by the jacket's lapels. Does it say I've been to the vineyard? No. . . not that. . . you were just. . . mentioned as a. . . as an example! Tindei answered frightened, almost chocking and with

The Group

excerpt TEODOR: There's no need anyway. Bring me the notebook and you can manage it by yourself! (After a pause) Didn't you hear what I said?ILIE (in an undertone): Wait, I'll bring it to you later. . . TEODOR: I want now!ILIE: Now. . . I don't have it.

The Dreams Also Matter

excerpt  A train puffed away from the smoky railway station. A number of pioneers were waving goodbye from the window of one of the cars. Among them, there was a familiar face: big, blue eyes, and the hair, as dark as a nutshell. Goodbye, my darlings!Goodbye, comrade instructor!The

Why Spiridon Was Late

CHARACTERS: NEACSU SPIRIDON: sixth grade pupil, the head of the Pioneer Unit VICA: Neacsu Spiridon's classmate, pupil on dutyMARIANA: classmate of Vica and SpiridonA WOMAN: 30-35 years oldTHE TEACHER: 28-30 years oldPUPILS: Neacsu Spiridon's schoolmates The setting

The Black Crooner's Girl

While oftentimes for our showtwo little girls tune in, hence. . . they strain their ears in diligence,those flax-haired siblings – this I know.  E'en Mr. Bunny, a friend preferredpending their play, has pricked his handles:on radio all the three have heard –that