Înfiintata în anul 1992, apare trimestrial, reprezentând editia româna a cunoscutei reviste cu acelasi titlu iniţiată în 1984 la Paris şi editată în prezent la Paris, Roma, Berlin, Budapesta, Madrid, Sofia şi Copenhaga. Pastrând structura ediţiei mamă, Lettre

Lettre Internationale nr. 108 / iarna 2018 - 2019

 A apărut noul număr, 108, al revistei Lettre Internationale, editată de Institutul Cultural Român. SUMAR RETROSPECTIVE Șerban Pavelescu – Alianțele României Mari . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Dan Ciachir – Reminiscențe . . . . . .

Lettre Internationale nr. 107 / toamna 2018

A apărut noul număr, 107, al revistei Lettre Internationale, editată de Institutul Cultural Român. SUMAR Nr. 107 RETROSPECTIVE Șerban Pavelescu – Războaiele României Mari . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Dan

To our readers

Sometimes it is more difficult to win the peace than to win the war. This is what the historian Şerban Pavelescu shows by analyzing “The Peaces of the Greater Romania”. Romania’s status at the Peace Conference was ambiguous, because the separate peace concluded

Lettre Internationale nr. 105 / primăvara 2018

A apărut noul număr al revistei Lettre Internationale, editată de Institutul Cultural Român. SUMAR Nr. 105 ISTORICE Adrian Mihalache – Cum se construieşte o națiune 3 Șerban Pavelescu –România în Marele Război 6 Filip-Lucian Iorga –Boierimea

Lettre Internationale nr. 104 / winter 2017-2018

To our readers In Tolstoy’s War and Peace, there is a marginal, but highly amusing, character, the diplomat Bilibin. He is admired for his wit and feared for his sarcasm. He gives prince Andrew a mischievous account of the 1807 campaign, marked by the battles

Lettre Internationale - nr. 103 / toamna 2017

To our readers This year marks a century from the Great October Revolution, a controversial event, which, anyway, “shook up the world” and traced new paths in history. In the past, the event was duly celebrated on each anniversary. In the fifties, every November

Lettre Internationale - nr. 101-102 / spring - summer 2017

To our readers The American philosopher Costica Bradatan, of Romanian origin, obtained an important international success with his book about the lives of philosophers (which we discussed in a previous issue). He emphasized that some philosophers actually live their

1 Dec 2016 - 31 Dec 2016

To our readers… on a red letter day

This is a jubilee: the hundredth issue of our quarterly, Lettre Internationale, Romanian editionafter a quarter of a century of existence. In 1984, when Antonin Liehm elaborated the concept of this periodical, his objective was to create a forum wherein the voices

22 Nov 2016

Lettre Internationale no. 99 / autumn 2016

To our readers            Letizia Battaglia, aged 80, still tries to improve the world for the benefit of the new generations. She has always been a rebel, rejecting the restrictions of a traditional marriage and striving for self development. She became a

Lettre Internationale - no 98 / summer 2016

To our readers            Rereading history helps us to better understand contemporary issues. At their turn, present-day events modify our retrospective view, so that the past looks different, which explains why history has to be periodically rewritten. Anne