The Tomis Sculpture Treasure: The Fantastic Snake

Marble statue, slightly purplish. The statue is a true masterpiece, a unique piece, a sort of Venus of Milo of the sculptures representing animals, especially that to this day, there has not been found anything like it anywhere else. The statue represents a fantastic animal

Surrogate Animals

When I was little, during Ceausescu's time, I was lucky to have a godmother in Germany whose mother, Oca, not only was an ideal nanny but she also used to send me wonderful things, which went far beyond a socialist child's imagination. That is how, for my sixth


Cuckoo. . . cu-ckoo!. . . in the garden,Cuckoo. . . cu-ckoo!. . . in the grove,All along the springtime seasonThe world of trees we always rove.  Tiny birds, with gray down feathers,And with our fearless flight,All the trees in our forestKnow and love and see us right.

A Dove

While flying way above, a dove has fallen on a rock And he is just a chick, poor him, and he can barely fly!. . .  Big waves are coming, hit the rock and he is so afraid. . . When drops of water splash his down, he's getting soaking wet.  Sad as he is, he hides his

The Boar With The Silveren Tusk

1A Levantine Prince with a liking for hunting,was gliding through forests of darkness unsaidbreaking his trail through the thicket sans shuntingand playing an ivory flute as he said: 2'Come, pray, let us look for, in forests unfathomed,the blood-minded beast with the

The Death of Castor

A few years ago, on a day in September, I had been walking alone and aimlessly through the streets, seized by an unutterable wanderlust triggered by the infinite blue of the sky and the dizzying charm of autumn when, all of a sudden, at a crossroads, I came up against the

Wooden Roe Deer Deeply Bellows

Wooden roe deer deeply bellowsas the forest deeply sighs,whispy tree limbs wringing windwiseas the roe deer deeply criesno wise will his heart-felt bellowsmake me part from inner lies.  Yon the loner roe deer loweth,Echo carrieth his lament,bugle rumor seems his torment;lonely

The Mountain And The Guide

excerpt the shotguns in their slip covers, awaken from the sleepiness of the road smiling in anticipation at the show of the imminent hunt looking for strong sensations imagining the report of the rifle the bunch of metallic shots as an attribute of their being as an energy


Many dragonflies so gracefulWing in summer air fine,Wearing their tiny stays,Bringing back our hope so peacefulGraciously on their wings ashine: Summer days, my dragonflies. Transformation everywhere,Poetry and many twinkles,And below the solar praise:Fresh the delta, rosy

Romanian Zoologists

by Gheorghe Brătescu; Klaus Fabritius

Butterfly Collections From Transylvania

 see also Gallery The Lepidoptera Collection from Transylvania and the Dr. Daniel Czekelius Palearctic Lepidoptera Collection The collections contain macro- and microlepidoptera from Transylvania numbering 7,162 specimens, as well as a number of 6,929 palearctic species.

The Ladybird

see image excerpt (Lat. Coccinella semipunctata ) From the beginning of spring till the end of autumn, one can see everywhere, but mostly in the orchards, a tiny insect, flying or walking here and there, whose body is round and convex, the legs are short and the forewings