The Legendary Wolf: A Shy Killer

The one and only wildlife reserve for wolves in Romania is near Zarnesti, Brasov County. Still, it is weird that, in a country where the wolf threat is used to make children behave themselves and Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale almost assimilated as folklore, a reserve

One Spring Morning

With his empty game bag and rifle on his shoulder, Loveţ the woodsman was slowly walking up the path stretching under the hill. A silly cuckoo was singing in the ash trees on the nearby summit; from the valley, another cuckoo answered its call. The forest had almost leafed

The Hunting Museum In Posada: A Sanctuary Of Trophies

see photos I do not believe that anyone could have found a better place, a better lodge for a hunting museum than the one in Posada. Visitors feel this is a wonderful sanctuary of hunting trophies, which, in all likelihood, makes even the most exigent critic happy. In the

Wild Eyes At The Zoo In Ramnicu Valcea

See here a movie made by first graders at this Zoo In order to allow visitors to experience the shock of looking into the eyes of the jaguar, lion, or bear, all of which are ready to charge, the zoo of Ramnicu Valcea is being modernized. This was made really clear by its


Revista PLURAL este un mesager elevat al culturii şi civilizaţiei româneşti, ce redimensionează fenomene remarcabile ale istoriei noastre în raport cu alte culturi, deschizând porţile unui dialog lipsit de graniţe şi prejudecăţi. Limba engleză înlesneşte receptarea

The Last Weft

by Erwin Kessler

Quote Mircea Florian

by Mircea Florian (1888-1960)

The Self And The World

by Ion Dobrogeanu-Gherea (1895-1978)