Constanţa Vintilă-Ghiţulescu, Mária Pakucs Willcocks - Spectacolul public între tradiţie şi modernitate, 2007, 302 p.

Studiile din acest volum încearcă să identifice punerea în scenă a diferitelor evenimente ordinare şi extraordinare din viaţa cotidiană, acordând termenului de spectacol public o definiţie destul de largă: tot ceea ce la un moment dat reuneşte un public fie ca

Emil Ivănescu - Artistul şi moartea, 2006, 370 p.

Volumul cuprinde o parte din scrierile lui Emil Ivănescu: două piese de teatru, Dialogii psihopatului, Artistul şi moartea; Jurnalul; Note dintr-un carnet, un alt jurnal, intim, şi unul scris în limba franceză, câteva proze şi corespondenţa, totul ordonat pe genuri

Cartas A Mi Hijo E Hija

18 de agosto de 1950Mi querido, mi querida: Os tengo prometido escribiros a diario, cual prueba del cuidado que les profeso en los tiempos turbios que el mundo está atravesando y del cariňo que mi pensamiento acompaňa la vida. A veces se me olvida que nos separan

Historia De La Literatura Rumana Desde Los Origines Hasta El Presente

El rumano cree en Dios, en ángeles, en hadas y ha recibido el bautismo de parte del cura en la iglesia, donde los domingos, sobre todo si es anciano, hace la señal de la cruz y reza. No es pagano, pues ve encima, en el cielo, el sol, la luna y las estrellas, ni tampoco

Motivos Del Arte Popular Rumano. La Via Extraviada

. . . Camino extraviado, vereda perdida, vereda olvidada, vía serpenteante, vía errada, vía desviada, camino perdido, sendero extraviado, sendero extraviado con motivo de puntos, sendero extraviado con flores, sendero extraviado con soles, sendero extraviado con mallas,

Concert Of Bach Music

excerpts …Ada, as she had rightly reckoned, had indeed met Lica Troubadour. All she had to do was to get out of the car and mingle, at certain hours, in the life of the street. It was nearly impossible to stroll for a few days in a row on the famous Victoriei Avenue without

The French Literary View On Enescu's Sense Of Yearning

It has been said – for good reason – that the Romanian word dor [aprox. yearning] is untranslatable, which made all foreign lexicographers leave it in its original form in most literary texts. But in music there is also a dor enescian [Enescian yearning], which someone

Considering The Woman Characters In A Concert Of Bach's Music And The Crumbling Of Values

I have meant to decompose and recompose the forms and the colors in order to prove and disclose their essence. Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu After a short story debut dominated by lyricism (Deep Waters, The Woman in front of the Mirror) and while trying (and managing) to

Echoes: Excerpts From The Farewell Concert

In an obituary published in the Tages Anzeiger of Zurich, Mario Gerteis draws a suggestive portrait of Celibidache in his youth. A nervous fiery ball, halfway between histrionics and insight, between passion and obsession. His dark locks hanging over his face in disorder,

At The Royal Cinema

The Lumière Brothers' toy, perfected year after year, challenges Thalia and Melpomene and the people of Bucharest take cinemas by storm. Businessmen are quick in smelling money, and thus many individuals whose energy used to be spent at the haberdasher's or on

Literary Subtlety And Challenge. A Wannabe Preface To A Remarkable Debut

Some of the readers of this book may very well not go beyond the first part. Actually, they may not go through with their reading at all. Despite the efforts of our predecessors, from Conachi and Negruzzi to Creanga, from Rebreanu to Bogza and young Eliade, joined, after

New Literary Sincerity

It was not easy for Romanian literature to evolve up to Ioana Bradea's novel, to its so provokingly violent title (itself a sophisticated, impudent blend of meanings and connotations as long as the dictionary designates just one object: a pipe)! And to think that once